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Q: does motor shut when hot? on 2008 Chevrolet Aveo

will the needle always show hot when overheating ?
My friend used my car and said the motor shut but the needle did not show hot?
Continued driving and later saw it was overheating
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NO the needle does not ALWAYS show hot....THAT being said ...what is the recent service history (details even trivial are helpful).Depending on where the temp sender unit is for the gauge, if the vehicle lost coolant rapidly (say while cruising on highway) and liquid was no longer present to trigger the sender then the needle would likely drop to 'cold' and also likely that little or no heat would come from the heater (not that we're using our heat settings lately!) IN otherwords if a lower hose busted out on the highway , theres not much your friend could've done 'til he/she noticed symptoms.
My friend had returned from a trip of about 1.5 hours on the highway and then had the motor run while in park for 15min. .Suddenly the motor shut. He turned it back on and drove about half mile when he noticed the oil light flickering and someone in another car told him that there was strong smell from exhaust. He continued driving less than mile until he found place to stop. 2 hours later he continued driving because he still saw no sign of overheating. 15 min later he saw the needle showing hot and stopped the car. The car was towed and we found that the motor had been damaged from overheating. and the radiator had burst and lost most water.
When did the damage occur? Is there anyway to know?
Sounds like a blown headgasket which could then cause excessive pressure build-up in the cooling system ,causing the radiator to burst. The oil light comes on for a pressure loss (low) which could be due to the oil getting hotter than designed for. or it could also been low on the level which will make the heat situation & oil temp. worsen the other symptoms.Damage occurred before the first sign of over-heating most likely.
what are you considering the first sign of overheating? Was the car turning off, a sign of that?
How could the needle only start showing hot much later?
After the initial trip you describe , when the motor was left idling , the radiator cooling fan may not have come oncausing it to overheat and die. Can't explain your friends' not noticing certain clues that might have led other people not to drive it more.
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