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Q: Does it pay to replace a 1995 Chev astro van engine with 109k, the engines shot on 1995 Chevrolet Astro

I had the intake manifold gasket and thermostat replaced at the tune of 676.00 in Jan. Now the van broke down suddenly on a freeway ramp (almost got crushed) and had it towed. My mechanic said the engine is shot, need a new rebuilt. I've maintained this van by the book it has 109k. Does it pay to do this, and are there any guarantees/warantees i should know about. I can't find a decent used vehicle to replace this van. How much should an engine replacement cost?
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I would really like to know exactly what happened to your engine! This 4.3 V/6 is usually good for at 'least' 200k! If it has got to have the engine replaced, it is beyond reasonable repair! Labor alone will probably exceed it's worth. Very time consuming swap!!
I got a vague answer..."the engine is shot" the tie rod is making a loud noise, I drove it home from the mechanic, he said he could junk it for scrap for 2-300 bucks. I just put tires on it in June for $500. and other stuff. I was able to drive it home with the flashers on, going really slow. It was loud and low powered, but it drove. Maybe he didn't do a thorough diagnostic to see exactly what happened? If I can get it into another shop, what should I ask them to do, if it's worth it. Thanks so much.
Do you mean connecting rod instead of tie rod? That's possible. Well, just ask what happened to this engine. Did the bearings go out, you know find out why it has got to be replaced. We can't argue with a mechanic that can check it out hands on! It's not worth an engine swap! If it were running good and in pretty good shape otherwise, it's worth "MAYBE" 1,500.00 To 2,000.00 "RETAIL" price! Take the repair money and buy you another vehicle cause transmission trouble may be next!!
Good luck with it.
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the cost is high for that year but you will have no car payments thats a plus. the cost will be approx 5k for a 3yr 100k mile warranty eng install you decide
wow I live in laguna beach and just had one head gasket replace cost 2316.00 and had it for two weeks and start to shake so bad and then stop running was making a lound sound so I ask the auto mechanic to see what is wrong they told me they looked at van again found nothing wrong not there problem I also ask about my light inside van and radio stop working so I ask them to fix it because before I left my van everything worked because my lights and radio work before I came to shop and they said sorry not there problem and that they fixed my van headgaskets I said why did it shake and turn off 3 times start shaking so bad real ruff and sound like sht and aft and I thought they where going to fix my air condition all they did was replaced the Freon not the leak I thought it was included in price 2316 van should work for a while they said sorry not our problemwe fix the one problem and I thought they where fixing all problems what should I do that's is a lot of money
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