Q: Does it mean you have a blown fuse if window will not go back up on 2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320

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I let my window down today and now the driver window and back passenger window will not move; does this mean I have a blown fuse? In addition, my heat stop blowing hot air BUT the AC does work really well.
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These are to different problems. When you try to raise or lower the back passenger window can you hear the window motor try to operate at all in side the rear door? If so the fuse and switch is OK. Can you operate the motor from the rear window switch? The rear door inner trim panel will have to be removed to inspect the window motor and window regulator. Diagnostic tests are needed before condemning anything.
Thanks, I didn't try to use the back switch. Yes, it does sound like the driver window wanted to go up but it would not. I could not hear if the back window wanted to go down; I could not hear it move period. I'm really concerned about the driver window because it is raining here in CLT. What are your thought on the heat; do you think it maybe the coolent level?