Q: Does anyone know where the air condtioner filter at on it so I can replace it? on 1994 Mercury Cougar

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It keeps kicking off & on the air condtioner on it does so I need to change the filter on it.
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you don't have one in a car that old you have other issues. poss high or low pressure in system seek a diag from a/c man
The A/C cabin filter is an unlikely cause of the compressor kicking on and off rapidly. The most likely cause is low refrigerant charge. Have it checked with guages and if low , have it evacuated , vacuumed down and re-charged with the proper amount of R-134 (have them add dye so it can be checked for leaks).Do-it-yourself kits would not be recommended , the guages will tell if there is another problem.(depending on the skill level of whose using the guages). Also as globalhelper stated it's unlikely on that year that yours is equipped with a cabin filter. You may want to check with a dealer to see if it was an option.
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