Q: Does anyone know the item number of the distributor bearing of the honda crv? on 2000 Honda CR-V

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Mine is squeeking alot, would like to replace it but wanna buy it before dismantling.
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Forgot to say its a year 2000. Im pretty sure there is a bearing inside, in fact all honda civic's and accord's seem to have a bearing inside. Cannot find any info about the CRV but the distributors seem to look the same.
A remanufactured would be the easiest, unfortunately Im in Argentina and cannot find one!
Honda dealer says bearing is not serviceble and they want to sell me the full dizzy that costs a fortune!
I have seen how to dismantle an accord dizzy to replace the bearing and it looks quite easy, wanna give it a try on my crv, if I can find out the bearing size before dismantling! Im sure someone out there must have done one! Thanks.
IF it is servicable (I don't think it is either), call a Honda dealer, if it's available seperate they will know.
Thanks mate but I allready replaced the bearing! Its quite easy to do and it works fine now. Im not sure now but I think the bearing number is 6001. Honda dealers do not replace it or sell the bearing they just replace the whole dizzi. Unfortunately Im in Argentina and the whole dizzi is very expensive. I dismantled the bearing and the seal and found it in a shop for peanuts. No more noisy and car runs perfect.
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