Q: Does anyone know how to test the main fuel relay? on 1991 Acura Integra

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I have a 91 integra that just dies while driving. I check for spark and sometimes I have it, sometimes not. I've replaced the cap, rotor, coil (twice), and fuel filter. It seems to be worse when hot(I live in vegas). I even took it to acura and was told there were no codes. They said they could replace the distributor, but no guarantee that would fix it. does this sound familliar to anyone?
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wATCH YOR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. In a quiet environment , turn the key to 'run' not start.listen for a light 'click' sound when the check engine light goes off (about 15 seconds). If no click is heard you can remove and inspect the contacts in it , sometimes cleaning the contacts works as a temporary fix. If you do hear a click and it still has no spark , then the ignitor circuits should be tested.Check for proper connections(good fit) (IGNITOR will not set a code on that.)
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