Q: Does anyone know, has there been a recall on factory installed radiators? on 2004 Lexus LX470

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I have a 2004 Lexus GX470. It runs well with the exception of a self contained radiator leak that occured this past Dece 2012. It cost me $700 for the actual radiator (factory part) and an additional 5 hour labor charge to change out. The work was done at a local Toyota dealership because the Lexus dealer wanted twice the labor charges to change out. Toyota dealership said I should report this to Lexus and try and get my mobey back as it should not have failed at 100,000 miles. Does anyone know how to go about trying to get my money back for this costly repair. The Toyota, former Lexus certified, mechanic says it was a manufacturing defect in the radiators welds and that this could be a common problem with this year of Lexus and model. Help anyone? Thanks.
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I dont know about a recall but a NAPA replacement with lifetime warranty is about 285.00!
And should a mechanic no longer than 2.5 hrs. to install. Now, the OE should be the best you can get but yours did not last as the mechanic said it should have. I dont have access to flat rate time here but 5 hrs. seemes extreme! I assume we are talking about the engine cooling radiator up front right? Dont know of any other radiator(self contained)?
Thank you for the info. The mechanic said the had to remove the engine to replace the radiator - they were replacing the water pump and belts as well. That is how the leak was discovered. The Lexus dealer was no help either...they wanted twice what the Toyota dealership charged! Just wish I could find a good independent Lexus mechanic in my area. Unfortunately my choices are very limited. Thanks again.
That is a new one on me!! Just find a good mechanic dont have to be married to any particular make!!
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