Q: Does anyone have any experience regarding leaking Differential/Trans. fluid? on 2010 Ford Taurus

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I recently brought my TAURUS SHO to get an oil change. Within a few days, I noticed my car was leaking oil. I brought it back to the shop that did the oil change, they said it was the differential fluid that is leaking (which, is to my understanding, the same as transmission oil). When I brought the car to Ford, they wanted to charge me $150 to run diagnostics regarding the leaking oil and then another $95 just to open and look inside the dash board, as the vents on the passenger side are blowing out hot air when the A/C is running (we already replaced the actuator and that didn't solve the hot air problem). And this isn't even including the cost of parts and labor to fix the problems I'm having. I'm more concerned with the leaking oil, as I don't want this to mess up my transmission. I also notice a burning scent after I drive the car.
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