Q: Does an airbag warning light truly indicate an airbag problem? on 2008 Nissan Frontier

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I get all kinds of bogus warning lights, particularly tire pressure (even though they are all at recommended psi) as well as an erratic check engine light. The airbag light sort of randomly came on, along with the "passenger airbag off" light, when driving & my daughter was bouncing a very light fluffy rubber ball off the dashboard. My wife just received a recall on her Odyssey due to spontaneous airbag deployment. Certainly don't want that to happen. Any info would help. thanks.
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Item 1 - done. I note that Nissan does have a recall on the CZS due to corrosion, which would cause this condition. However, they claim my particular vehicle is not involved. Seems the recall is limited to the "salt belt". Would they/should they warranty this for me? I am not in the salt belt.
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The air bag system monitors the entire circuit at all times. Not very likely that it would deploy driving normaly....but it may fail to deploy if in a collision. As for yor tire pressure problem more likely that one of the tire pressure sensors in the wheel can be going bad...or the spare tire could be low on air setting the light off. Some makes do monitor the spare and they all lose air over time.