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Dodge Sprinter 3500 (3 Reviews)
I own (2) Sprinters, one is a 2004 the other is a 2005 with a wheelchair lift that I use to transport patients with. The 2004 was my first, the mileage was great but the engine blew @ 160k miles. Replaced engine but had a mechanic that didn't know what he was doing, and is now in the dealer shop stating that it is not roadworthy. The 2005 I recently purchased to transport wheelchair patients to and from our agency. I put $1k initially into it to hopefully make it a dependable vehicle, had a licensed dealership work on it. Soon thereafter, the transmission locked up, bought it back. Dealership stated it was the ABS control module, and the part is no longer available. Went on line and found one. Had it shipped to dealership to install. One week later it locked up again. This is the point where i am now. It's a Sunday, nobody is open, and I HAVE to pick up a client in the morning. These vehicles have been nothing but trouble. As soon as I can I will unload both of them... I was never a Dodge fan because they always seemed to be made very cheaply and it shows on these vans because I have never seen so much rust appear in the same spots on such a newer vehicle. My 1997 Ford 350 crew cab has a lot less rust and still runs great.
I just bought an 08 sprinter winnebago navion 24h and after driving it for 150 miles the engine will not turn back on, even though everything is lit. I charged the battery and still no go, i disconnected the the positive battery cable and reconnected it and it started back up. When it came time to shut it off i went through the normal process and the engine kept running after the key was removed. I blocked and an air intake to shut it off. At night while sleeping i notice the park light going on the automatic transmission shifter lighting and shutting off i here clicking once in a while and the odometer area light up and then goes out occassionally. First weekend experience with my dream rv. I hope that this is an easy to remedy problem. I like the way it drives and the design of the interior. The fear of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere is very strong however. Other than changing oil and a fuel filter, I am not a mechanical tinkerer kinda guy. I am a working guy who just just spent a lot to avoid having the headaches of fixing up a fixer upper.
My 2008 Fleetwood conversion camper seems to sway and I want to know if I can install coil over shocks to correct? Any advice to help with this problem? Thanks