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Dodge Ram Van B250 (5 Reviews)
surprisingly nice driving and riding van. the 3.9L v-6 is more powerful (easily out-runs my corolla)and more fuel-efficient than i expected. much easier to work on than any other van i've crossed paths with.
I bought my van from the orignal owner with 249,000 miles on it. I have worked out all the so called bugs. purchase price $900.00, I've put another $400.00. For basic things a 21 year old van could use. Other than keeping the kick down oiled regularly, witch can cause a whole host of problems. I've personaly driven it to Atlanta Ga, Rochester mn, a bunch of times. It purs like a kitten, shifts like it's new, drives and stops just fine. EVERTHING WORKS. It's orignaly out of the south so it's almost completely rust free. Looking forward to putting more miles on, 256,000 as of today. Van On !!!
Traded a Honda Accord for this van...during a very scary time when gas prices were rocketing higher. Why might you ask? Well for one, I always wanted a van like this, "Conversion style"...and 2. The Honda was a P.O.S.!!!! Paid 1400.00 for the honda, it ran good, but that's all I could really say in it's defense. Sometimes it wouldn't start, some kind of electrical glitch it had...which was the main reason for selling it! That and I thought the trans. was getting ready to have problems.
Anyways, the guy I traded with wanted the Honda for it's gas milage, since I'm only about 8 miles from work, I'm not too awful worried about fuel economy...but I do try to drive the van easy so as to milk every drop of fuel for it's potential in miles per gallon! Right now I'm trying to figure out some of the things I've noticed with the van. It has a vacuum leak that allows the air to transfer automatically to the defrost mode from the vent mode. Also, my rear blower motor isn't working at all, not sure what's up with that... I have several lights not working inside the van, not even sure how to access the bulbs to check them and see if they're blown. There's a clicking noise in the drivers side front wheel, gotta get in there and find out what's up with that. It's something brake associated, cuz mashing the brake pedal makes the noise go away, but then you "feel" the pattern of the noise you just heard in the brake pedal. The rear seat that folds down to a bed looks like it hadn't been used in years, due to rusty looking screws that raise and lower it. Tried to lower it, with no success...could be blown fuse, haven't checked yet. Other than all of that, the van runs, and rides transmission issues like the honda, thank God...and overall I'm very pleased with my new ride! It's fun to drive, you feel like you're driving a huge thing down the road...feels impervious to destruction of any kind. I know of course a simple little deer could wipe this vehicle out, so I drive very carefull in all areas where this is likely to happen! It just floats on down the road like you're on water!
My wife isn't at all enthused that I picked this van up...not yet anyways...I'm waiting for the first family trip we go on together...we normally take the Durango, but I'm hoping I can reason with her and get her to try the B250 Conversion has way more room, rides better, and gets better gas milage! That Durango is a gas hog!!!
very good van it is best
coolest van around and thats a fact ed holliday red bluff