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Dodge Ram 3500 (31 Reviews)
2004 Dodge Ram 3500 SLT 4X4 DRW Cummins 5.9 Turbo Diesel. I bought this truck used 3 years ago with 119k. I expected to change a lot of wear and tear parts. I bought this truck to try how it work with a cummins inland. I use to be a boat engineer in the Navy and cummins was one of my specialty. So far I got towed once, lift pump replaced and added an auxiliary pump from BD Diesel. I decided to kept the truck. now 159k lifted, oversized tires 20-24 mpg.
Very tough looking and a reliable truck. Needed tranny rebuild though and suspension is really stiff. The year is good, less electrical and simple to work on for the lay mechanic (myself).
I love ny 3500 truck,411 4wd, 4doors 160000.miles 19.2 mpg overall
my turn signals work but my hazard lights wont work. can somebody help please?
i bought very nice truck 2005 ram 3500 5.9L cummins turbo diesel in april of 2012 with 129k miles. It was hot, Red in color, drove well. 6 speed manual. May 2012. Flywheel gone! started shaking alot. Spent $1500 to fix. In couple months of light driving, didn't pull anything, found out there's oil leak. was leaking from Engine and Tranny. ( 140k miles). Fixed it. I can tell the maintenance is expensive. November 2012 ( 160k miles) Leak from Rear end. December 2012. Noise from rear end. Fluid level is normal. Replaced fluid. noise still there. Drive shaft is clunks inside of rear end and you can feel this bad feeling when shifting and clutching. In December 2012 replaced all filters, fluids again. Went to TX from NC, everything was ok, After 1000 miles on 65 mph something start Knocking and black then white smoke from underneath, and truck shut off. We ( my family and i) parked on shoulder on the bridge over the river. Here's whats happend, rear end aLL SMOKING, Truck don't start, when tryin' to start it it knocks and white smoke comes off. I was in SHOKE! Everybody told me Cummins is best engine ever! and this truck by itself. So for now Engine is Gone at 165k mil. Rear end is Gone, Major oil leaks from everywhere. I Don't suggest to buy one of those cute hut dually dodge trucks. Yeah I was look great on this truck. Everybody was jealous. but not after it broke down. And now to fix it, imagine how much i need to spend? probably i'll buy a good truck for cash for those money.
Also i have 2005 Ram 2500 Hemi 5.7L. Bought it almost new. My wife drove it very nicely. 4X4 knocks Always, now knock in front end. Very expensive to fix. Heater gone one day. Knocks in engine.
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have a 2001 dodge 3500 gas engine ram with 39000 miles on it. in june the crankshaft broke in half and of course the truck now needs repaired. it is stored 5monthes out of the year and gets oil changes twice ayear. dealership tried to get ram corp to repair the problem but they didnot want to do that because they would have amit that the truck was a lemon. we are owners of 6 chrysler products but now we planning to dump them as fast as we can. next time you see ram tuff, laugh they are just sissy trucks
I have 9 dodges got rid of all my fords dodges get better mpgs my 2001 HO gets a solid 24mpg my 1990 has 800,000 miles ,yes 800,000 has never broke down leaving me sit. I have replaced many parts as PM motor runs as good as the day i bought it the interior are crap but its an all around great work truck ,if you want a cumfy ride buy a chevy if you want to sit on the side of the road with an engine that will have a catastrophic engine failour by a ford
Have a 2000 Dodge 1ton 4x4 cummins diesel, standard shift. Engine will run until you turn on the headlights, then engine just shuts off like turning off key. Any suggestions?
I have a 2004 dodge ram 3500 diesel it will not start without being pull started or with using a starting fluid. I was wondering if anyone else has had this trouble and could tell me what was wrong. Please e-mail me at
The alternator suddenly stops charging but after several attempts with lights on it suddenly starts to charge at a full 14 volts with out dropping at all; this is higher then it has ever charged before. I had the alternator checked twice out of the vehicle and it tests out fine but the problem continues. The PCM seems to be the problem but I priced it out at $263.99 and don't want to buy it unless I am sure. Might have access to a scanner I used on my old 2000 impala but not sure if it is the same one.
[Late Dec09] Bought 2008 Dodge 3500 Diesel used with 48K mileage. Currently have >
1995 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummings 5.9 Diesel 4x4 dully, i changed the water pump and then drove it about 150 miles and then thermostat went out i had no heat coming in but temp was raising on engine . so i changed thermostat , and the temp still raises , has any one heard of air pockets in cooling system and how would i bleed it , desperate needing help.
I've got a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 5.9L Deisel Turbo. Replaced the oil pan gasket, rear main seal, and rear engine cover gasket. Then after installing parts engine will not start. Removed starter, manual trans, clutch, flywheel, and lifted engine a few inches to clear oil pan. Thats all. No diconnect of any sensor or wires. Not sure of problem. Running prior to replacement of parts. Need help of crank with no start.
the rear rumble is the u joint at the rear 3rd member rusted and is locked up iv replaced mine sounds weard but they wull rust and lock and vibrate
2010 ram 3500 straight shift best pulling truck i've owned until last week. Out of the blue truck started to make a rumble and a roar while slowing down. First i thought it may be the tires,then the brake or rotors. So far i've found nothing but the noise and the shake has gotten worse.
2010 dodge 3500 cummins. Overheating everytime I start to pull a hill. The temperature gage rises fast. I run the heater fan at high to blow off some engine heat, which helps, but usually end up pulling over on the bigger hills. It is only pulling 2200 to 2500 RPM and it's not under any strain, plenty of motor.
i have 2010 dodge 3500 6.7 diesel that's overheating, have change water pump, power steering pump, thermostat, new belt, coils have been cleaned. Temp gage jumps rapidly to hot when transmission down shifts when climbing hill with load.
suspension sucks.trac bar bushing replaced and front end still pops.and still it will hop or dance,but not as bad.
I have owned 4 dodge trucks with cummins now have put over 300000 on 97 200000 on 2001 over 100000 on 2003 and over 240000 on my main 1 ton, i was 100% ford until 97 when i finally had to give up on ford due to bad customer service. went to dodge with cummins and manual trannys have over 250000 on my main driver now with original clutch and pull 20000lbs often, standard maintainance as expected but have never had an engine or drive train issue, I know by experience the 97 thru 2003 dodge cummins are the best trucks ever made, i am sure there are folks out there who have had problems, but the v8 diesels in the fords and chevys are substandard, no manufacturer ever including cat has ever produced a v8 diesel as reliable as an in line, so think about that before you buy a v8 diesel, my buddy bought a new ford diesel 2000 miles out of warranty the engine had a catastrophic failure, cost him 16000 to repair, the cab had to be removed to replace engine, just my experience and opinion. Buy what you want but beware.I have owned over 30 trucks used in business and personal use, I do all my own repairs and repairs for others
The truck overall is a good truck with the exception of the bogus parts that we're installed by the dealer. Dodge oem parts are not to be used in these types of trucks. My advice is, stay away from the dealerships and take the truck to a shop that does only trucks. Insist on MOOG replacement parts and NATIONAL berings parts.
I bought this truck new in '03. It now has 217,000 miles on it and it runs like a champ. Dash cracked at 200,000. Had to rebuild front end due sealed bearings, but all of the trucks have sealed bearings. There is not a truck on the road that can out haul this truck. Nothing beats a Cummins, don't even try
Great truck! Will pull anything anywhere. Chrysler fixed fuel pump at 58,000 miles. No other problems, except cracked dash. Orginal batterys are just now getting weak. I am very serious about maintance and follow Dodge's recommendations (I believe that is why I have good luck on all my trucks
Cummins engine and drive train are excellent. Front suspesion is not so great, I have had to redo front end parts(tie rods, ball joints, alignment) at 78000 miles. The truck now has 101000 mile and is showing signs of needing repairs again. The interior of the truck is poor quality materials on the dash. My dash cracked at 50000 miles and the dealership said the repairs would cost 900$ for parts plus labor. Aftermarket dash cover looks A brake job on the trusk costs 585$ (dually). Other than the front end and the dash the truck is great. If Chrysler would step up and replace the dash and put a more beefier front end on the truck, it would be perfect.
very good truck, Cummins Engine best ever. Dodge truck is good not best, rear axles seem to have rear seal problems. Seems like axles get hot and seem to heat seals and go through them would buy another one though because of the cummins engine best...
Had two cracked heads at 45K mi. Service bulletin described the problem but Dodge didn't care. Exhaust system rattles. Having some transmission slippage at 55K miles.
Great vechicle for pulling just about anything. I've had a small leak from a boot coming from the transmission, an air condition flap on duct come loose so my air did not blow as hard as it should.
2006 Dodge Ram 3500. Best truck I have ever own. 100,000 miles on it and still runs strong. The Cummins can handle the extra 300 horse power I added just fine. Banks Air Ram Intake, ATS exhaust manifold, ATS 3000 Turbo, ATS 5 Star Torque Converter (a must) for towing. Stock converter won't last long when under load. Stock Brakes are not up to par. Would recommend upgrade to bigger brakes/Rotors or use a exhaust or trans brake system with your truck if you tow. I have been running 80% Bio Diesel since 07.
This is a 08 Mega Laramie 4x4 package with sun roof, and and engine-off diesel cabin heater (not to be confused with the plug-in engine block heater) plus snow plow package. I tow a 20' x8'x106" Cargo Trailer. Regarding handling and power, this truck has exceed my expectations. I also run a AMSOIL 2 micron oil bi-pass filter and AMSOIL Oil, Gear Lube and Trans Fluid with Mag Hi-Tech covers. All for longevity and heat management. My primary complaints is no airconditioning ducts for the back passengers. I had to buy Sungaurd's Ceramic Film to keep 80% of the heat from coming through my windows. Sungaurd has a clear ceramic film for the front windsheild and a ever so slight tent that is 50 sate legal for the driver and front passenger windows and put limo dark on the sunroof and all the back windows. The Ceramic window film is expensive $850 for all the windows. But its worth it because no air ducts in the back and I have a 2 year old that has to sit their. This is why it was strongly recommended to me to get the sun roof for the tuck, with the rear bed power window, it makes for a good draft that could not be achived without the sunroof. My other compliant is the CD/DVD/GPS dash screen can not be navigated by a touch screen. This is very antiquated. I recommend not buying the high-end from Dodge and go after market. I also recommend the Banks Ram Air Intake and exhaust manifold and believe it or not Lucas Oil's Fuel additive over AMSOIL. Together I get 4MPG more. My next upgrade will be a FASS Fuel Filter and a Titan 55 gallon primary fuel tank and a TransFlow 116 gallon ancillary fuel tank in the bed of my truck. Together I will be able to go 3,500 miles between fill ups and miss the spike in gas prices. Net-net - do the upgrades that provide longevity first not last. To date I have yet to see any DPF issues, but I also have not seen it go on either and I constantly look at the over head console. Once the quirks are worked out in the after market, I plan to purchase a programmer. The DPF complicates these devises as of July 09. But the design will be cool, because you can choose when to run a burn cycle on the DPF so that you do not run into a situation where you stop the truck and inadvertenly or accidently stop the DPF burn cycle in mid cycle which could result in a $2K repair bill. By the way, this problem is in all the big three diesels with DPFs. The after market will fix this.
35000+ miles and doesn't miss a lick. 16000 lb. Megacab tow package Laramie trim 4.10 limited slip rear end silverline exhaust and a K&N filter. 22+ mpg on the highway a 75 mph.
Megacab gives you enough room to carry anything including my 6'4" brother in law with ease and comfort. when towing our 30ft trailer I don't even feel it.