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Dodge Ram 2500 (53 Reviews)
never ownd a better truck
This is a great truck. My only gripe is the air conditioning, which from what I have read online in forums, was a sore point in many Dodge products for that year. This truck rocks in all other respects. As a precaution, I put a hi-power lift pump on it to keep the VP44 injector pump lubed and cool. I pull a big 5th wheel over Snoqualmie Pass in Wash. with no problems. The truck is rock solid. My wife says its too noisy inside though, which it is but that's what I love - that old school diesel rattle. Mine is an '01 with the high output motor and a 6 speed manual. Try to find one with 150,000 or so miles if you can; you'll pay about 13 G's for one in good condition; that's cheap when you look at the cost of the newer diesels.
I have a 2001 Dodge 6 speed HO Deisel Ram 2500 4x4. It has 138K miles and has not needed anything major. This truck tows over 13,000 lbs, gets over 20MPG empty and is been bullet proof. I 4x4 over the Colockum Pass which is one of the toughest in all America. I also have towed a 35' triple slide up many passes and done over 50 MPH. You do have to lubricate the fuel like any diesel engine built before 2007. This is so fuel pump will last. Low sulfur diesel is here to stay, so make sure every other fill up to add lubricant to your fuel. P.S. all the mechanics and tow truck drivers in Ellensburg drive a similar truck!!
piece of junk! I go through break pads and boots every 8,000 miles. I'm on my 3rd transfer case. it's always been a lemon from the day I drove it off the show room floor!
V10 no spark turns over good. left lights on over nite battery dead. I put the battery charger on for half hr. charger was put on the correct way now no spark.??????>>>
Truck only has 54000 miles on it. Only problems, so far, is the Abs pump ran all the time until I pulled the fuse and the four wheel drive light does not come on when in 4 wheel. Garage kept so no cracks in dash board or any rust issues. Love my truck, does seem to shift late and hard at times. Tends to want to lunge while at stop light, feels like someone bumped me in the rear. Don't know if that's usual with the Diesel or what? Diesel was 75 cents a gallon cheaper than gas when I bought it. Don't think I would buy another.
I bought my 2000 quad cab in late 1999 and have had very limited amount of trouble. At 198,000 miles it still has the original ball joints,tie rods,most U joints,and original build on the transmission. I am not one to baby any truck but this one has taken it like a brute. The only real problems I had were the lift pump ( which Dodge has done away with) and a injector pump which failed from the lift pumps. I also dealt with the typical rust but dodge replaced my dors at 98,000 miles free of charge.
The gagues from jump street purchased tk new was a source of junk,oil pressure to charging system all faulty.three set of brakes in less than 100,000,a complete tranmission,headlight goes off for no reason and air conditioner migh as well have a block of ice cools better and more offen.the diesel can not beat only reason to by dodge
I will never get rid of truck.
Stay away from Dodge! I bought my last Dodge truck ever - a new Ram 2500 HD diesel. How Dodge could manage to screw up the Cummins diesel engine is beyond me - but they did it by surrounding this great engine with a combination of POOR MECHANICAL DESIGN & POOR QUALITY FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS. I've had BOTH fuels pumps replaced (first with OEM, then with aftermarket) twice in less than 105,000 miles! The design Dodge came up with ensures a $3,500 repair every 50,000 miles, as the lift pump quits & that trashes the injector pump (a $1,500 part). AND, that is WITH changing the fuel filter every 3-5k miles! You've been warned...
I have owned my Dodge for five years. I only major problem I've had was the prior owner put a under drive on and as you may know this set up was a bad design and the weight cracked the tranny case. I've removed the under drive and had the tranny repaired now for laying my hands on a stock drive shaft with out breaking the bank. Any suggestions.
I love my 1996 Dodge 2500 HD 4x4. I have lived in a rural area for over 18 years and bought this truck new. I have worked the heck out of it and it keeps going. I bought it new and have never had a bad tought about it!@
Great Vehicle.
I bought my truck back in 2003 1,000.00 miles at that time never replaced a thing till 2009 the axle seals went out now my trucks up there 2,000something no problems with it till last winter boy that winter did a number to it had to replace injector and powersteering pump. Nothing ever magor I had an accedent in it a nissian pathfinder rear ended my It got totaled my trucks bumper pushed in. I drove it home and noticed it pulled to the right I told the Inserance people and they said it was not part of the accident I said ya right FIX it so if you have an accident it any car truck make sure they check brakes and transmission my trucks calibor was stuck and a friends transmission was not right. But anyway now sence my truck came back from getting another seal put in this June on the axcle he told me they put the wrong bolts so now thats done and now my air goes off sometimes when I step on the gas whats with that? But you now after owning a 1 ton 78 Chevy and a half ton Ford I will never go back My 78 Dodge 2500 4by4 ROcks
1998 Ram Quad cab, 4x4, V10, 2500, Long Bed, 105,000 miles, fully loaded, automatic. Bought the truck in late 98 with 24,000. Have had no major problems. It is in the shop today, rear tranny seal is leaking. Have replaced brake pads once. Everything still works, no rust, sits inside. Had it detailed last fall looks like it came off the showroom floor. Was looing at getting a new Dodge last year but can't justify the price difference for the new one when there's nothing wrong with this one. The V10 will pull a house down, only get 10 mpg, pulling or empty, but I least I can pull anything I want.
crank shaft sealoil leak high back presser in engine crank
I know many of you may not beleive what I'm about to write but as God as my witness, it's is 100% true. My 1998 Dodge 2500 SB truck w. 5.9L auto trans started developing weird electrical problems at 85K miles. The latest goes like this: OD button became intermitant so I took it to my mechanic who is an absolute Whizz. He found that he could get it to operate if he put a turn signal on, turned the dome lite on and had the drivers side door open. No, I'm not kidding. So he orders the part all the while begging me to dump the loaf. So meanwhile after he works on it the low fuel indicator light doesn't work but the audio portion still does. No big deal but this is where it gets weird. The truck stopped shifting out of 1st gear. The first time it happened I was low on fuel so I stopped and got $30 worth. It starts shifting again. Coincidence I figured. A few days later same thing and the fuel was low again so I put $30. Starts shifting again. I'm not saying a word to anyone.So 3 more times it happens over the next 10 days so it's no coincidence! Any ideas?
I have a 1999 2500 Cummins 24 valve diesel with danas front and rear. This truck tows great and no complaints till this year... I have replaced the entire front end of this truck. Map Sensor which 2 Dodge dealers said it was my turbo and it wasnt. Rot on the bottom of both front doors which numerous body shops told me they never sealed the bottom of the doors. Fuel lifter pump 2 years ago, exhaust 2 years ago and a starter. And currently my truck is sitting at a shop waiting for a 2500.00 dollar fuel injection pump. This year alone ive put almost 6ooo.oo into this truck and I should stop and say forget it but im not impressed with any new trucks out there and up untill now this truck has never done me wrong. Only thing I can say is it has 250,000 miles and its a standard, no shifting problems and no oil leaks. My dad was right the engine will last forever but the rest of the truck will rot off.......
owned this 2001 dodge truck for 10yrs.i will have this beauty another 10 yrs.great truck
I purchased my 2001 Ram Quad Cab 5.9L Cummins Diesel used in Oct. of 2010. When I bought her she had 30k mi. Since then I put another 30K on her. I do a lot of heavy towing with it and have only had one major repair. At 50K I had to replace the injection pump. I was disappointed that this occured with just 50K on it but other than that it has been a very reliable truck. In fact I just purchased another identical truck to add to my fleet. The only difference, this one is a 1999 with 124K. I also own a 1996 with 253K. Gotta love a Cummins
1997 Dodge Ram 2500
I am having issue's with my truck not idling and wanting to die when I am stopped with the air conditioner on. If I turn the AC off it will run just fine. Please advise on which way to go from here. Thanks,
Bought our Ram 2500 used in 1999 with 65,000 miles or so. She had 252,000 now. Replaced the transmission once. So far engine running good. Knock on wood ! Drove it on a 3200 mile trip in May. Did have to get a ball joint repaired while there. Only major problem - inconvenience we have been fighting is getting the air-conditiong system repaired to our standards. Cooled us fine before new compressor now having trouble with getting cool air while at idle or in extreme hot weather. Putting paralell flow condensor in this week. See where we go from there. Love this van - want to keep babying her !
Great truck and powerful engine. havnt had any horrible problems very reliable and i know its gonna last however i have had a starter problem which cost me a $1000 but other than that its a wonderful truck looks great and drives great and gets wonderful gas mileage definetly recomend dodge diesels!
2003 with 44K miles. Rust on right rear weel wheel housing. Dealer confirmed the body shop statement that it is a manufacturing defect. Poor crimp between the outer and inner panels allowing water in.
Dealer contacted Dodge for $$ assistance and Dodge said no.
Now RR brake flex line blew off the crimp.
After inspecting all flex lines, all the crimps are rusting away. This truck is used for towing and not plowing/etc. so no extreme salt issues, just poor corrosion protection of critical parts.
replacing it soon. Never another Dodge. Ford.
Great truck when I can keep it running 147k and I am on my 4th vp44. Upgraded fuel system with every type pump known to man. Still can't keep a VP-44 from failing. Ran fine till the low sulfur diesel. Afraid to drive the truck out of the local area. Recommend don't buy a 99-02 Cummins Stay away from the vp-44 injector pump. Guess what I am doing this weekend? This VP-44 lasted 60 miles.
DPF is no good dodge needs to change i will go back to ford
I bought my truck used with 85,000 miles on it. !999 dodge diesel 24 valve. I've done nothing but sink money into this truck. So much for saving money by buying used. When it runs good there is nothing like it. It's like a big strong man. It loves to tow, awesome torque. The engine is really the only thing good about this truck, everything else is cheap and doesn't last. I've replaced the fuel pump, injector pump, power steering pump, rebuilt the tranny twice, vacuum pump, starter, oil pan gasket, the list goes on. Still I love this truck, it's like my right arm. I just don't know when to quit! Tracy
I ordered my 96 desiel new, the only disappointment I have is the automatic tranmission. Truck has 180,000 miles on it and the motor has never been messed with other than proper maintenance, the interior has no rips, except for a ding or two the body is great. I have recently rebuilt the front end, expected with the weight of a desiel engine.
Towed heavy up & down Alaska HWY. Reliable: Cummins has never had a problem in 200,000 miles. rebuilt rear end and front end at about 150K. Tranny just started slipping this week. *auto. Replaced injector pump at 90K was good for another 90K and had to do it again.
Where do I start? This vehicle reinforces my impression that US made cars/trucks are poorly made. I bought my 2000 Quad Cab 4x4 w/ Cummins diesel brand new and it has cost me about $1000 per year in repairs every year. I've had the A/C malfunction at least 5 times, once under warranty. My 6 speed transmission failed at 70,000 miles - cost me $4000 to replace. Two crankshaft position sensors, a lift pump and injector pump, leaking seals at both differentials, axles etc - axle seal leak required an otherwise unnecessary brake job. Four wheel drive vacuum switch failed and now all the vacuum lines on the 4 wheel drive actuator and the pump itself need to be replaced - cha ching. Oh yes, both the overhead pushbutton interior light switches have broken as well.
This vehicle has had so many problems that the times I've brought it to the dealer, the mechanics always say "this shouldn't happen" and look both disgusted and embarrassed. The Cummins itself seems like a good motor - Dodge just found a way to wrap it in garbage.
Where's Lee Iococca?