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Dodge Grand Caravan (86 Reviews)
I have a 2006 Dodge Grand caravan the. Light won't work I have try every thing you can do .can't drive it because. No lights nothing works any body know what to do car dealers won't to much money to fix and.they said not sure they can fix it any one let me know .thanks
First minivan. Love the ride and handling, the mileage is acceptable. The brakes are a dangerously unreliable. Brakes stick on and almost ignite into flames ( check them out after dark) Poor, poor design. Coolant fan went at 70 000. new brakes all around at 125000(nuts). I asked the serviceman if it was a know issue about the brakes he said "no" and then I found the service bulletin about it. I lie it but have no faith in the brakes.
I bought it used in '00 now has 234,422 miles on original motor & tranny but had it shares up/down. Brakes, transmissions and oil problems. Just paid a good $245.00 on new parts for engine it smelled 1qt of oil but that's not it - I had to pay mechanic extra $233.76 for replacing whole new crankshaft kit well it almost broke me but will complain until now after putting lots of miles onto the engine its still original. Interior and power equipment are still working but I will buy another Dodge after got $$$ worth in this one. I still see lots of these around the mid south so means they are very dependable mines be reliable so far though later put expensive repairs until in 2010 but van is running strong for me.
I did get some things fix on this minivan now last told tranny going out has 262,000 miles. I bought it in 2004 with 32,000 miles been a great minivan but now time to sell off I thank u Chrysler though was used but dependable driving all across NC/SC Borders miss it.
Thanks Dodge. We love our Grand Caravan think be lucky this makes the 2nd one after having a 2004 no major problems hope this last us a long time. I bought the sportier model with couple features worth an good value overall am pleased owning less than a year.
Wouldn't not purchase another Chrysler my headliner is leaking and Dodge nor Chrysler want even reimbursement me. I hate this van and tell everyone on experience had with Chrysler. I had other problems with doors, engine, brakes, fluids and bearings. This van is a lemon I will be looking at Toyota next for the family minivan.
This has been maybe the best car I've ever owned. I've driven it since November of 2002. When I bought it, it had 26,000 miles and it now has 194,000. The 3.0 liter engine is a very strong engine yet economical. I will not be giving it up any time soon.
We have had to do complete brake jobs 4 times in 4 years....never have I ever had to have brakes done this much!!!
Im very unhappy with my caravan, I have had my brakes replaced twice with new rotors. my bill was for 352.00 , it only has 12,000 miles on it . It is 2010 van, poorley made. I am going to sell it and get a dependable van. I called dodge headquarters aNSORNnd explained it to them, not covered under recall. another problem LEAK IN HOSE FOR CONDENSOR. PUT O AGO RECALLN NEW IGNITION SWITCH,TWO MONTHS NOW THE VAN SHUTS DOWN WHILE DRIVING. FED UP DO NOT BUY DODGE CAEAVAN.
Overall have been happy with the 2013 mini-van I have owned for ONLY 7 months...But curious to why a Brand NEW Car with only 6K miles needs a new water pump!?!?!?!
I love the look of Dodge vehicles and this van does look nice. Stow & Go is great. Pretty much turns the van into a storage truck. However, the rear brake apparatus was faulty and actually broke at 50,000 miles! Transmission oil cannot be checked by a the operator, requires a mechanic to check and required oil and repair to the gasket at 70,000 miles. Weak V6 engine. Good for city driving and long distance traveling but don't drive on a dirt road or in any grass.
Like the last 2 reviewers, our 2013 Dodge Caravan has both problems. Only the transmission makes that jerk motion when we but it in drive about once every 20 or so times. The heater just acted up in the negative numbered days here in Wisconsin and the only thing the dealer told us to do was turn the heater control knob to cold, then off, then hot and it "should" work. When I asked about when these things could get fixed, they said they are still working on a fix for these problems. Very discouraging indeed.
My wife bought a 2013 grand caravan. Started having issues with the heater. At times, she starts the van and their is no heat from the front heater vents. Tried cycling through the hot and cold settings and nothing. Found that usually turning the van off and back on works, except not even that worked most of yesterday. So I looked the problem up online. Its an issue I have found repeating since the 2011 model.
this van transactions rubbing stabilizer bar and links the strut mount off center on pass side front make a humming sound all the time
I bought the Dodge Caravan for my grandchildren, it is just what we need because we now have 5 grandkids and love to take them places, but since the jerking when you shift into drive or reverse we are afraid that something will happen while driving. Our van has been in the shop 3 times, the third time he replaced something. The service dept is doing all they can do, I think this is something that needs to be looked into at the factory.
Nothing but Problems, Can you say Lemon!!!! Had exhaust replaced, transmission rebuilt, air conditioning condensor and lines replaced, brakes replaced twice, seat belt straps replaced, power window stopped working, Only 30 thousand kms. Transmission jolts between first and second gear when using econo. LED Tailight stop working, replaced a couple of sensors, now the power steering pump is making noise but the dealership says nothing wrong with it. Don't ever BUY A DODGE PRODUCT. I wish I lived in the USA then DODGE would be forced to buy it back.
I bought this new new on 9/11/04. The airbag light came on at 20k and Chrylser covered it. It was the airbag control module. Since then it's been replaced 5 times but I still have the problem about every 6 months.
The Dodge dealership replaced the Occupant Restraint Controller Module and I'm still having problems with the airbag control module!
Also I had to have the whole front end rebuilt, struts, swaybar bushings, tie rods etc just to get the "bump" out of the front end and this was done at 50k. This has cost me more money than I could sell it for so I'm stuck with it. I just wish it would catch on fire or be wrecked so I could get rid of it. I'll never buy another Chrysler product as long as I live!!
Dirt & Dust come in thru vents.........just bought a month ago and can't keep DUST out.........can chew dirt while driving and your eyes get filled with dirt...

Took back in and they said the "rubber" around this vent in rear of van (after tearing my whole inside apart) wore out and needs replaced.... $375.00 and was MY expense, not theirs!!! I argued for over 1 1/2 hours that I bought this van a month ago not intending to put money into it for repairs right away. I would NEVER have bought this knowing it leaked DIRT/DUST and would cover everyone and everything inside when driving it!!! They now are telling me to pay my $100.00 deductable/fee and they'll pay the rest. Guess better than nothing!!! UGH>>>>>>>>>
Bought a 2005 Grand Caravan with around 32,000 miles about 5 years ago. I think I have sunk about $5,000 in repairs into it since I bought it. I will never buy another Chrysler product. I have had the transmission rebuilt (at around 65,000 miles), brake problems, coolant leaks, power locks that won't work and now it looks like it will need a new computer. What a piece of junk. Don't waste your money on one.
the 05 dodge grand caravan is the biggest peace of gunk iv ever owned . ive replace all the parts up front and still wonders all over the road . driving on wet roads water leaks into the floor bords and the stow and go compartments . and sucks gas like crazy . just build me a new 91 , best van ive ever owned but has rusted out and looks terable
van just quits, pull off the side of road, grind to start for a 2min, then would start, and runs good until next time. this is third for repairs, but this time, the service shop can't find anything, runs good when taking in for serach, nothing. last time it died, grind to start, place in neutral, started then conscience? grandson learn this school shop, nevertheless, do you have any wisdom on this, AWD donald
I bought my 1997 Grand Caravan LE in 2002 with only 35,500 miles on it & got a good deal. Even though the van has 181,000 miles on it now, it still does well for me. I don't always have the money to fix, but I do get the major items repaired. It helps to that I have an excellent mechanic. Since I am a student this vehicle must last me through school.This is my 2nd.Dodge Mini Van and I would recommend the Dodge Mini Van to anyone.
i have an 02 dodge caravan i would like to trade to a convertible horse and buggy!
bout this van on may 4 2012 187000 on it the preson said there was nothen wrong so i gave him 1500 for it well needed brake cables both rear and from the pedal needs all the ev. replaces now needs to have the das replaces is there any thinking i for got it will not pas insp. now iam out 1500 plus 1000 in part still will not pas insp. reasion i bout it is my girl friend is in a wheel chair
Bought at 34,000 miles from CarMax after one year of service in a rental fleet. Post-purchase inspection revealed right front axle leak, repaired by Dodge dealer under warranty. At 35,700 miles, MIL and traction control light popped on. Dodge dealer diagnosed bad cam sensor, replaced under warranty. At 35,990, MIL and traction control light back on. Dodge dealer diagnosed need to replace two phasers. Parts (and tools to replace) on order, told car is OK to drive.
purchased new 2002, power sliding door stopped working 2005
door locks 2009, power seat 2011. only 89,000km.
never again.
I have had a great luck with my 2006 grand calavan. 20235.00 miles and no major Needs Radiator. and leeks oil But I love it this is my 3rd dodge calavan. Not sure if I would buy another one only because of the new body style. Looks like it would burn more gas.I get 22 city and 28-32 highway.
We've had our Dodge Grand Caravan for 5 years. Overall, its been a very good vehicle. My only gripes are that it goes through brakes about every other year. For this reason, its a good idea to get them replaced with someone who offers a lifetime warranty. This way, when you have to replace the brakes you just pay for the labor. My other gripe is the radiator just went on it at 77,000 miles. Maybe my expectations are too high but based on the cost of vehicles these days this is something that should last the life of the vehicle. Back in the 80's, it was not uncommon to have to replace the radiator. I have a Nissan with almost 100,000 miles and I still have the same radiator.
I have a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan LE with a 3.3L V6 and All Wheel Drive. I absolutely LOVE this van. I am the second owner and I purchased this vehicle on September 9, 2001 with 103,000 miles on it. It now has over 230,000 miles and still going strong. It has become my winter driver now because of the All Wheel Drive(AWD) which come in handy for Michigan winters. It gets through the snow like it isn't there. Because it is an AWD vehicle the mileage is not very good, but then most AWD's have a poor mpg rating. I have had only a few problems with it over the years besides the normal wear items. The piping for the rear heat is made of steel and is not coated to prevent corrosion. For this reason mine had rusted through and dumped the contents of the radiator on the ground. Neither Chrysler nor any other parts manufacturer makes replacement piping for this van so I had to hand bend some pipe for this repair. I visited my local Home Depot for the copper tubing and commenced the repair. The cost was less than $20. The braking system for this van is a nightmare though. It works well but it is extremely noisy. 1993 was the only year that ChryCo used the Bendix 10 system in their mini-vans. In my opinion these should have been recalled and replaced with a better braking system. It uses an electric motor and accumulator to provide the brake boost instead of the traditional vacuum boost. The motor kicks on and off while braking and is very loud. There is a lifetime recall on the pump motor and accumulator because they tend to fail. So far I have had to endure the accumulator failure only once and it was a free repair. Exhaust parts for this are hard to find as well. The front drive versions use a totally different exhaust system than the AWD and none of the part stores can get the pipes for me. Still using the factory pipes but had to replace the muffler last summer, it finally rotted out. I don't beat on any of my vehicles and ALL of my maintenance is done on time. I have switched all of my vehicles over to synthetic fluids, they seem to hold up a bit better than standard fluids especially with the miles I drive. All together I currently own 5 Dodges and 1 Chrysler. Of the 6 all but two have in excess of 200,000 miles on them. One of them, a 2002 Dodge Intrepid with a 3.5L V6 has over 250,000 miles and I have only just recently had to put any serious repairs into it. The most expensive being a wheel bearing C/V axle change. The only reason the axle change was necessary was because the two parts had become rusted together and the outer joint was destroyed during the removal process. All of my vehicles have performed exceptionally well. I have read a lot of complaints about ChryCo vans, but based on what I see while driving around town is that there sure are a lot of them on the road. I do a lot of research on line too, and I have read a lot of reviews from car owners. I have found that EVERY car manufacturer has had lemons from time to time. I work at a gas station and I talk with a lot of people. I have begun to realize that some people buy a car and think that it should last 100,000 miles without any work or maintenance ever being done to it. NEWS FLASH!! It doesn't work that way, never has, never will. Maintenance is the key to all of the problems you may face when it comes to cars in general. It has been my experience that if you fix the little things while they are still little, the big things come fewer and farther between. More often than not it's the little components failure that lead to the bigger components failure. Common sense should tell you that if your brake wear indicators are making noise you should change your pads soon. Some people will ignore that sound until they hear metal on metal scraping, now the repair cost has tripled because it is no longer a simple brake pad change they also need new rotors. Then they will gripe and complain about how this vehicle is a piece of crap and the manufacturer is to blame for a poor design and they shouldn't have to pay for the repair the manufacturer should etc. I have heard them all. A wise man I once met a long time ago shared some very wise words with me. He told me "If you want your stuff to last, you have to take care of it", enough said. The fat man has now stepped from the top of his soap box...
266,000 miles and still running good. Starting to nickle and dime me but after 10 years it is still a good rig.