1994 Dodge Viper Questions

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While driving down the street the cluch seemed like it lost contact with the engine
The air only comes out the defrost will not switch to floor or dash
I need to charge the A/C & can't find the port. Maybe I'm dumb.
My air conditioning is bone dry and I would like to charge it myself. Is there a simple kit I can purchase to do the job?
Cooling fans, reverse lockout, shift light, and speedo all quit working after sitting for 2 months. I shot the fuse box and found fuse# 2,3,4,5 with no voltage..does anyone have an idea as to what these fuses are for, should they have power when engine is running? Any idea as to why is common and what the possible failure can be?
After further research, it looks like I have lost a few things at once...has anyone seen this happen...been told it could be the ignition switch and also the computer...any others seen this happen
I had my car in storage about two months and drove it today. The speedo and cooling fans quit working as well as the shift lights...can you please help
Will a leaking header exhaust gasket make the car run bad?
How do you remove the battery
wiring for windshield wiper
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