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My cruise control stays on continually can not shut it off and cruise control will not engage any suggestions would be helpful
I put an OBD2 on the vehicle and it gave me a P0700, Transmission Control System, (MIL requested)
They are original parts, shop wants to charge alot to fix
I have a vehicle surging While at curb idle so I’m assuming its the fuel pump the what I am trying to do

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Clicking sound when key is turned to start car. Starts with a jump
How long have you had this problem? Almost a week
went to go somewhere, my windows, a/c, sunroof, not working, and the air bag light is on, this happen all at once
My cars gear shift isnt locking into a specific gear. I can move it from "D"rive to "N"eutral while driving & vise versa. Also, my gear shift won't go to the "L" shift AT ALL! -
- My AC turns on and than doesn't blow cold air a few mins later than again it will come on sometimes staying on others not. & its sporadic throughout the day.
What causing my car to jerk when I first get and it to drive.and then its as I drive it, it starts to smooth out then.
Trying to find out if any one no where the oil is coming from
marks are lined up cams and crank ,back together tried to start and its like i never changed it ,it just whirled over tried to hit just a couple of times, is there something im missing,all torn down for the second time resetting the timing again, need help thanks

the problem occurs sometimes
I was driving to Walmart when I approached a light that turned green. My lowest speed was about 25 I tried to go more than 30 but the RPM'S was was in the 5-6 range and my car wasn't going more than 30 and was slowing down I pulled over to where I can stop. Shut off the car completely for about a minute. Started it but up and it worked fine the rest of the day
Replaced valve cover gasket and this hose broke. It's a 2.4 liter dohc engine.
This has happened now to me 3 times. First time local mechanic reset the computer and worked fine for 2 days than came on again and than cleared itself. Last time wife was driving it down the road and it down sifted on it's own and about red lined the engine. A few minutes later it started shifting like normal again but check engine light is still on. Any ideas?
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