2004 Dodge Stratus Questions

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Every time I turn car off there's a humming noise sounds like it comes from the rear section of the car. It lasts for about 10 seconds after car ignition is shut off
How long have you had this problem? Every since I bought it 6months ago.
I just want to unclog the drain line..where is it located
Serms the condenser is dirty
also checked all fuses and relays
Steady display.
Car ran good then got in a wreck minor body damage left front and right rear. now the car won't shift into gear? All gears are like it's in neutral except park
I try starting it dash lights up i hear clicking in relays but starter dosent turn or anything i have switched them out changed the starter and its a 3 month old key switch any idea what else would do it and the battery is good
but does not do it all of the time. could be ball joints or something else trying to get a opinions thanks you.
shoot in to the head and it will run and then you put them back in and it want run
where my air charge temp sensor is located at on my car
gas tank is always full only drive for about 15-30 min
Car failed emission test
Where are the code located on my 2004 dodge stratus se to program the remote to unlock the doors
Whenever I hit a bump in the road I hear a rattle coming from the rear of my car. It's only on the back passenger side, so I'm thinking the shock back there is worn out. Does that sound about right?
I've wanted to get access to the battery and the only way that I can see to get to it would be to remove the tire. Does this sound right?
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