2002 Dodge Stratus Questions

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Dodge has 120.000 miles water pump went out and found relitevaly fast. I found a shop that will replace water pump for about 500.
Found a kit for timing chains oil pump and water pump for 300 i want to know if trying to do it myself would be a bad idea as i am nowherre near a professional mechnic. Hiw long would my oil pump and chains have left if i just replaced water pump. And itsnt easier to put new chains on than to try amd line old ones back up. Basically do i wait it out and do all rn or would i be ok for long enough to find outside machnic or come up with thw money to do it all agian
I have a 2002 dodge stratus.
My car set for over a year un started and I just had a new motor put in it,
The radio will not turn on, the lights on the radio worked when I turned my headlights and I could hear my cd player making noise. I took my old radio out thinking it was so e thing in it broke and bought a new radio. I hooked up the Antena and power adapters correctly and hook the new radio up and it didn't turn on either. I got new fuses so I know they are good, I checked the owners manual for anti theft codes but did not see anything in it about that. Does anyone have aNY idea of what I could do ??
hard to find the exact model transmission for my car
Car over heating
also has a slight rough idle when fully warmed up.Here is what I have allready replaced. Fuel pump, IAC valve ,Evap purge valve, plugs ,plug wires, cap and rotor, TPS, EGR valve and the EGR. Also has new timming belt.
Stalls and restarts
my abs light indicator is on
So I turned off my car and tried to turn it back on and it won't start
idles but stalls when giving gas then wont start for sevral mintues
The timing belt. Now before we took the old belt off the book told us to set the timing marks on the two cam gears to point towards eachother before we removed old belt so we did that and replaced the belt and put it all back together. The car runs great, accelerates good and rpms come down good. I noticed now while you sit parked for a minute or two whether your in gear or not the idle runs lower then normal. The car usually runs around 900 rpms at idle and now it's about 700 rpms. Why would it do that
A cracking sound come from the steering column like something broke or cracked and then my cars air bag light came on. What would that be and is it OK to drive without getting hit in the face by a 200mph air bag because it just decides to deploy.
I have had many issues with my climate controls with A/C and heat with the A/C I have to run a jumper wire to a relay to a toggle switch inside the car on the ground side for A/C and this has worked for years however I have no heat... I have flushed the system and it seems the heat is running through the coil but I only get warm air when its not to cold out but when its freezing out no heat at all. I considered replacing the heater coil but I'm gonna take dash apart to see if its getting hot which I believe it is but what else would cause this issue? Please help is there an actuator controlling the heat as well and where is it if so?
The left side speakers stopped working but the right side work fine. I replaced the factory stereo thinking the left channels blew but unfortunately this wasn't the case as they still don't work. I have 3 speakers on each side dash, door, and deck and all three on the drivers side stopped working all together. why would this happen? Is there an amp that maybe the left side burned up or possibly a wire issue? Why all three at the same time? Thanks for your response any help is appreciated
I occasionally get cool air through ac vents. My airbag light is on and horn not currently working. I have freon and all the usual things have been checked. Seems to work sometimes in the a.m., but then blows hot air the rest of the day. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Happens after rain, heavy downpour. Took off panel and put some goop under rubber molding...still drips on seat....
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