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Turned key engine started to turn over then nothing would happen when I turned the key.changed the starter relay that lasted a day or two then went out again
My 00 stratus 2.4 ran out of gas, added gas wouldnt start. Beat on fuel tank it ran for couple days then nothing. Changed fuel pump n filter. Primed before tried to start Still no start. Cranks but wont start. Someone tried sprayig starter fluid to start but ended uo blowing air intake box up. Replaced that and still Cant even jump it. Can hear pump kick on, relays click, but not getting any fuel coming out schrader valve.. ASD relay clicks fuel pump relay clicks, no fuses are blown that i seen. Oil light stays on while trying to start.
chrysler stratus 2000 engine can not start after a very hard raining which cause the engine shut off in side the water ????
during my road to my office the road is completely filled with water, the level of the water was very high, during my crossing the road the car stopped and the engine shut off completely. I am asking what will be the damage in side the engine and over all the car system??the engine can not start . where is the problem???
Many Thanks in advance

just need a legend to tell me more info about my 2000 dodge stratus since the cover for the fuse box is not there.
Type of coolant for 1999 dodge stratus
Changed fuel pump has good pressure but no gas going thru the regulator to the fuel rail or the injectors have 12 Volts to each one as well as resistance

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Won't crank
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
The bulb has been changed but still no contact. All other lights work. The brake light on the passehger side is not working but the tail light is real bright and it is a new bulb.
New timing belt waterpump cam/crank sensors plugs wires and coil
I go so far and then it blows the crank sensor then it will shut the car off and I have to put another crank sensor in it and a start but it I go so far and it will blow it again
Through some research on the net, found steps to replace TCM/ECM. Reinstalled with a used unit with identical numbers. It said when you first turn key on and check engine light comes on that the unit is working good. followed all steps. Car runs pretty good but check engine light still stays on. Cleared with code reader and restarted. Light comes back on P0601 internal controller malfunction, also saying repair cost of $40. I'm lost here. Is the TCM/ECM good or is there something else to look at. Getting 12v and good ground.
My car ran for 15-20 min then died a few times. Now it don't start I replaced the computer, distributor, and fuel pump. This is really frustrating what could it be?
Don't know why it was running good last night,no check engine light,but it will not do anything
Replaced the battery, spark plugs, and fuses- still no crank or turn over. Attempted to link with 3 separate diagnostic scanners- 2 were owner by separate mechanics, one I bought myself- same thing on all 3- won't link up.
I've no idea, I've talked to a few mechanics & they all gave me different answers. Please help
Mechanic said car is shifting good and transmission fluid is bright red. What can I do to maintain the car
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