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the belt broke while my frriend was driving home from work would like to know how to put it in and the timeing marks are at
1999 Dodge Stratus 2.0 Liter Engine ,Base Model. Car crank's over but will no start. Changed the Map Sensor , Changed Crank Sensor , Checked the Serpentine Belt in great condition made sure it was lined up on the mark, Car has plenty of fuel pressure 50lbs, Checked Spark plugs and changed Spark plug wires. Changed Crank Sensor, Engine Compression is great 150 lbs on all cylinders.. New Coil. Put fuel down the throttle body and vehicle won't start. Checked EGR valve , took off new catalytic converter and would not start and got no back pressure. 2 week old oxygen sensors. All rubber hoses for vacuum okay. Old Fart Driving it 1960's Mechanic. What's the Problem !?!.
Run on Mobil-1 Synthetic oil. Gas is ARCO 87. Car does not have MAF to clean.
My car cranks but won't start
When I do get my car started it starts poping and cracking and I go to put it in drive it wants to die so I give it gas and it has no horse power to push it's self down the road could it be my timing jumped?
Is it the starter or something else
it idles rough and had to take off to get when you start out
The fuel filter has been replaced twice I thought it was plugged
How do I get the engine trouble code from my 1999 Dodge Stratus without a scanner?
How do I get the engine trouble code from my 1999 Dodge Stratus without a scanner?
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