1998 Dodge Stratus Questions

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I buy new battery it goes bad ,than I get a start up but car dies right after
The fuel intake shut off valve where is it located
Brake fluid leaks ,peddle goes to floor How can I get it out park
idles good rev it up a few times and car dies
I was told it only has one ball joint on passenger side and it is the lower
How come it won't even fire with starting fluid it started had to hold foot on pedal to keep it running changes map sensor now cranks but no start
Will jump off and run but when remove jumper cables it will die
After months of driving it is happening again even in the middle of the night.
98 dodge stratus v6 2.5L
Temp gauge is not working, hard start sometimes. Have to give it has to get it going. Black smoke at times. Fans aren't kicking on because the temp gauge is sitting on cold. I was told the alternator is bad and that it could be affecting the pcm or another sensor. Thoughts?
I drove my car to the zoo with my kids and it was fine on the way there. When I left the zoo the car engine just shut off and the brakes wouldn't work. I'm not quite sure why happened but we cannot figure it out. There was brake fluid on my back tire and the brake was completely gone so we replace it and added brake fluid but now it still won't let me push the brakes at all not will the engine start
Key switch is good #8 fuse is good
I have 1998 dodge stratus with a 2.5 engine that makes a loud rattling noise upon start up but then goes away immediately. It runs good for abot 20-30 minutes and then the engine starts to get hot (but not fully over heating) and then a valve train ratting type noise starts. I was told by a couple people that it was the oil pump, but after removing the oil pump and examining it did not appear to be worn or defective. Is it the oil pump or is it something else?
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