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Is it critical to change the timing belt when changing the water pump. This vehicle is a beater and dosn't travel far from home. I would just like to get maybe another year out of it.
runs starts hard warmed up fouls out rebuilt dis plugs wires crank sensor no vac leak whats up?
where is and how do you get at the water pump.
driving down road, motor dies. This happened friday 12/10/10 in simpsonville, ky. motor turns over but will not start. diagnosed as bad timing belt. how do i replace the timing belt?
car cut off and want start
my car will not start at all it wont turn over nothing but when i turn the key on the lights and evey thing still come on. i tryed charging the battery jumping it help
fan and air conditioning control only works on level four: full blast
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how to replace starter
Fans don't work. Engine gets warm when idling or city driving. Fuses are good. I can't find a relay or a temperature sensor.
i have a problem with my brakes they will not pump up and i put a new master cylinder on it and still nothing what should i do
Heres my problem, when i turn the ingnition switch to crank the engine, nothing happens, everything from my radio to the display panel turn on but you cant hear nothing but the fuel pumpm activating, the engine is not turning, now i checked all fuses, and relays, i checked the connector to the starter motor and i DO NOT recieve voltage, i can however Ohm out the connector which is good, now the "starter" relay connector at pin 86 is supposed to recieve 12 volts when ingnition is activated, but it doesnt, also my "auto" shut down relay on pin 86 has constant voltage (12volts) even when my ignition switch is in the off position. I am not supposted to have no voltage at either relay at pin 86 when ignition is off, the only voltage present should be at pin 30 which i do get. i believe i have a short somewhere in my PCM unit can anyone else give me advice? i appreciate your help. thanks
I am trying to figure out where the flywheel is located. I need to see if I can fix this problem myself
Every now and then my car will just die..... It is a good little car and the majority of the time runs good!!!! then all of a sudden just dies!!!!!!! some say MAP sensor, some say fuel filter or pump...plz help!!!
What is the correct firing order for a '96 Dodge Stratus 2.4 liter?
I had some surging problems and had the problem coded. The code claimed I needed a new egr valve. One mechanic of mine got one from a junk yard, installed it, and I still had the surging problems. I went back to the place where I bought the car and had them install a completely new one and it surges worse than before. The rpms are all over the place! I am so frustrated!!! Can somebody please tell me whats wrong with my car? Is there also an egr cylinoid that I would need to replace too? Please advise. If I could get rid of this car I would definitely do it.
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