1993 Dodge Stealth Questions

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no grining, just wont go into 5 th gear.
middle coil is the one that works. any ideas on what else it could be?
Three different dash warning lights all came on at the same time, the battery is slowly draining, and the AC suddenly stopped blowing cold air. It all happened at the same time
the car blown head gasket i used a product to fix it and it did but when driving about 30 miles it over heats do you recoment another product or do i need to change the head gasket and water pumb etc.
I put in 3gal. of regular gas now has exhust lite blue smoke.
I don't think I can smog it now. Help
I presss the clutch and sometimes it stays down and other times I have to pump it. I pumped it and broke lose the clutch line to bleed it and it didn't work
Changed timing belt now car wont start! Could it be cam sensor or crank sensor?
miss in motor after complete tune up was told could be the under dash computer
have a 93 dodge stealth. battery keeps getting hot, replaced battery once, doing the same. is there a short somewhere, or voltage regulator?
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