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are they different? where is a scematic showing which lines go together? I have tank out and mixed up on conections.
I had a bad smell coming from my air system too. When I changed the fresh air filter (under the hood) I noticed mud at the bottom of the air filter compartment. OH! This can't be right! Using a long screwdriver and a narrow paint scraper, I found about 1-inch of mud and gunk in the bottom. Further cleaning, I discovered there is a drain with a rubber outlet that had gotten clogged. A thorough cleaning in front of and behind the filter solved the problem. A shot of Febreze helped too. You could probably hang an air freshener from the filter if you like.
My Sprinter refused to start. It cranked just fine and I tried this several times in rapid succession. Weather and temperature was not a factor. Had it hauled to nearest dealer ($75) where dealer attempted to FLASH the ECM ($250). Now dealer tells me the ECM is dead and a new one will cost $1.700 and the install with all other work performed so far will run me $2,200! I found a repair facility in Victor, NY that claims they will repair my bad ECM for $450 in one day, give it a Lifetime Warranty and ship it back in 1-day! The outfit is called ​KLEIN BOTTLE COMPUTER. Has anyone heard of them or used them? Here's the site ...

Stuck in park 62 yr old woman stranded as my 3008 itasca navion is stuck in park.
Told that there may be a programmable lamp control module?
Lights do cycle back on for a split second and blink back off seeming like an overload. Does it with just a test light as well. Test lamp was not LED. All the rear running lights on the vehicle are LED.
replace battery and now transmission will not shift out of low gear. Light is on dash, reverse and low work but will not shift into a higher gear
I own a 2008 sprinter/Winnebago ViewJ 24' RV which I store over the Wisconsin winters. I've purchased a 5 watt solar charger. Can I attach it to the + post in the engine and body frame part and feel confident that it will trickle charge the battery over the winter or use the cigarette lighter plug?
About 8 days ago I had my vehicle in to the nearest sprinter dealer (120 miles away). They replaced the EGR valve and two glow plugs. I drove home with no issues. The following day the ESP light started coming on after driving a few miles (usually about 8-10) and I called the dealer. They told me to deactivate the ESP with the ASR switch following each engine start until I can get back into the shop. I do that but the ESP sight will still come after driving a few miles (this varies). I was also told the cruise control may not work but it does.

My question is: could this be a sensor and if so where is it located and can I replace it myself without the use of diagnostic equipment?
I recently had the egr valve replace and two glow plugs. I drove home (120) miles from the dealer with no problems. The next day the ESP light started coming on after driving about 8 or 10 miles. I called the dealer and that until I can get back to the dealer to just deactivate the ASR with the switch on the dash after each start. I do that but the light still occasionally comes on. i was also told that the cruise control would not work but it does. Could this be a sensor problem, if so, where is it located and can I replace it without needing diagnostics?
my dealership says that the noise my brakes seem to be making on my passenger shuttle are actually loose lower ball joints and mean I need ne lower control arms. He is quoting me $1475 - out of warranty! Is this reasonable?
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