2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Questions

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when the van gets up past 40 mph, the entire van starts shaking very bad
van battery drains after it sits for 2 days. second new battery. i installed a shut off switch to get by for now.
shop cant figure it out after 3 trips in there. what relay could be powered while van is just sitting there for days.?? glow plug heater???
I do not know what happened I went to the different Mechanic included delers and they give me many diferent diagnostics like transmission, gas pedal sensor, etc.
Rear air won't work on full cold works on hot and cycles if turned to first few notches of cold. Freon level is good front air blows cold.rear evap temp reads 68 degrees ferinhiet on scanner
The coolant light comes on soon after start up and wont go off. The high oil pressure light comes on & off intermittently & in a pretty random fashion but seems to stay off at lower speeds. No leaks anywhere engine sounds ok.
Dealer fixed recall on airbag now radio does not work. Van is 2008 Dodge 2500. Dealer checked radio for power and radio has power but does not turn on. Normally they would have to enter a code but they say 2008 sprinters do not require code. They say it is not their fault but it quit working in their shop while their service tec was working on it.
I have a problema to start engine sometimes mornings and had check engine light
I have a 2008 Dodge sprinter 2500 ext. 38,000 miles . I need a sprinter specialist to answer this. A year ago I

went to start it and starter did not engage, I was stuck in a parking lot and was not going to leave it there.

When I parked all was well with no warning lights at all. I am mechanicly inclined and do most of all my work on

all my vehicles but I am stumped. I started troubleshooting and found that if I remove the #5 ETC control unit fuse under my driver seat it would start but be in first gear limp mode regardless of what position the shifter was in, even in park.

I would then replace the fuse and place the shifter in drive and would get normal shifting pattern but no other

transmission modes ie park/revese/neutral.... All three lights stay on for ABS ESP and Traction control lights are

on all the time. Seems like it is stuck in low gear all the time except when in drive. Been using the van without

reverse the past year, Trainy works great in drive. A;ways have to use emergency brake when parked because it never

actually goes into park although the shifter does and the P shows.

So currently I have the emergency brke on , I remove the fuse and start her up . Replace the fuse and put her in drive and off I go..... It runs and shifts great... but no reverse and the idiot lights stay on...

Help... Please

p/s blowing 40 to 45 and have good air flow on both vents
P0070 is the error code.
3.0 6 cly mercedes turbo diesel
The glow plug light and code P0670 comes on and off intermittently and after reset may come on after several miles. I'm new to these over-controlled MB products and trying to find my way around!
The side mirror was pushed in while getting on a ferry
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