2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Questions

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All other electrical works in the van
is there a dip stick or just the filler tube?
the dodge dealer repair man was able to open but I can not get it to top up.
It came with no instructions can't figure it out with the turbo.
Has anyone done this? Can it be done or should I send part back?
it was working great till I changed the rear brakes and removed the hand break support plate under the van which connects the main cable and the two cables to each rear wheel just cleaned it up and greased it replaced everything wanted to test drive and would not shift out of1st gear
we don't think its over full sprinter has a dip stick and sometimes act`s like it does not want to move until ya add more it leaked out all over the driveway at least a quart not sure why the trans keeps doing it the trans just keeps dumping all the oil out the breather,can someone help?
When it is cold out, how do I plug the Dodge 2006 Sprinter in?
When it is cold out, how do I plug the Dodge 2006 in?
my three lights came on and my cruise went off is this coincidence or the fact of abs lights on affects cruise in relation to the computer modual recognising brake problems you cant have cruise till repairs are done and if this is not a valid reason then what could the matter be yours sore ankle
Is there something I can do?
AC mostly runs well mostly when engine cool, but after van running and turned off, the AC may-may not cool once the engine is restarted.
I was going down the hwy and all these lights came on and the cruise quit working all at once. The state was working on the hwy and there was sticky tar on the road. My mechanic ran a diagnostic and told me the ABS control module is bad. The Dodge dealer wants $1500. I live in Victoria, Tx and the Dodge dealer will not even run a diagnostic on the van because they don't work on Sprinter. My only option is to take to Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. I am afraid to buy the part because they will not let me return it if it does not resolve the problem.
Anyone have any suggestions?
the van needed glow plugs and we were putting off but the van stopped heating and we brought in and had the glow plugs replaced. Dealership said could be 1 of 3 things but couldn't tell us which it was. the van has 190000 milesi want to fix but dealer want to trhow almost 4500.00 at it just for parts.looking for a place to start trouble shooting.
turn signal don't work. Fuse and relay
ngine light is on and no shifting or major acceleration/ rpm stay at 2200/no throttle down doesn't do anything. What could be the problem ..."turbo"?
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