2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Questions

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code 1900
turbo gone out I think
After driving with the engine hot and then letting the turbo cool down a bit before shutdown. On restart get check engine lite and it's always been p2339. Clears easily but recurs often. What could I check in real data? A hidden turbo circuit problem? MAF problem?
I have to smack the steering wheel which then l turn the key and it starts
cannot remove plug from back of headlight assembly
Swapped a non-working radio out for a working one and the new one won't turn on. Fuses are OK in the back of the radio and the fuse box. Still no power.
Solution was to replace rims and ties with 16inch Michelin LT225/75R16E1. Front tires to large and rub when vehicle turns. Vehicle unstable at speeds of 60 miles per hour. Has anyone had this problem/issue??? Thank you
Received a 2005 dodge sprinter 2500 dsl turbo and the customer complained it had no a/c well i ran it and at first it blew out cold air, from the defrost but not the vent from the dash. so i let it sit for 30 min running and it started to blow cold air through all vents. Took it on a test drive and the front vents never got below 80 degrees F but the defrost vents stayed a constant 45 Degrees F. I put a scan tool on the vehical but found no codes. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or ideas on what might be wrong?
what is the brake bleed procedure for this van?
There is a sporadic electronic or other connection problem that prevents engine start. Have had repeated bouts with the transmission failing to upshift and two Freightliner dealers' less than satisfactory but costly service. Not sure if this is related.
We lose power and will not go over 35-40mph, pull off road, turn off engine then restart it, no problem accelerating until it happens again-usually happens when we slow down or stop.
on the pump in fuel tank..when pulled fuel line off fuel filter going to injector pump i get a fast good stream of fuel for 1 second or so when first turn key on then this pump only runs for a second and shuts off or should it run non-stop with hose off of fuel filter outlet line?why asking is have only air bubbles at injector lines[no fuel coming ot of injector pump;;engine will run on wd40 only if keep spraying into intake..if i turn key on and off servail times eng will start then die within seconds;;
The fuze still works
slide seems to not get door to close easily
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