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Have the car towed, but when it gets to the shop starts up fine. Battery checks out fine. Changed starter 3 times in 1 -1/2 years. No problem for a few months then happens again the same exact way. Weather does not effect it.
I was driving when all of a sudden I wasn't able to give gas and my car was acting as if it was going to cut off at any minute as I was on a busy street. I had to make an emergency pull over because it had actually stopped. As I tried to re start it again., it would start but wouldn't kick over. I'm being told by non-mechanics that I need a new fuel pump. could that be the problem.?
The oil light will come on when the door is open and the engine will crank. That is it no electricity anywhere else any suggestions on where to start. New battery and plenty of juice.
smoke causes the windows to fog up
there is some kinda plate or something i think that needs to be removed. but i dont know where
When car is started and put in drive or reverse car starts idleing very rough. also idles rough when stoped. also car tends to just stall out of no where every so often usually after driving for about 20 to 30 minutes. all ready replaced egr valve, throttle position sensor, fuel filter all vacuum hose's that i could see that are damaged. any ideas as to what else could be causeing this problem. thinking possibly two seperate problems?
When I start my car and it is idling,after a few minutes gas starts dripping in front of the right rear tire about 5 inches in towards the center of the car.I reached underneath and it feels like there is a rubber hose that it is dripping off from.I cant crawl underneath far enough to actually see it though.I was trying to figure out how much this might be to be diagnosed and fixed, if that is the problem, but couldnt figure out how to enter my question on this website.Any information would be helpful.Thank You.
gas drips in back only when car is running.looked underneath and tank is much to replace gas tank if ncessary.
the best way to get pump back on
Need to know where the O2 sensor is in order to replace it. 1997 Dodge Spirit.
the heat isnt working right, we changed the thurmastat and still all we get is just very little heat. what else could it be
hi, i keep having my cerpinteen belt fall off when i hit a puddle of water i replaced the belt a few times is there any thing else that would help
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