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Idling or coasting the car is good as soon as you give it a little bit of gas it starts to miss and pop. The popping stops when you give it more gas but it still has a miss
Lost power and passing gear if on highway and pull out to pass a car or to give gas to go up a hill it has no pickup soeed
Transmission is acting up
This only has one click to it and only happens when it goes from reverse to drive and no other time
i checked under underneath and there is oil everywhere but i can see it on the visible side
ive already checked the fuses and relays i changed the ignition switch the battery is good it wont get power to the gauges fuel pump or anything and power is leaving the ignition switch the car has been in the family its whole life im the second owner i want to keep it it all started one day when i went to start it i heard a loud pop and smoke came out from under the hood near the driver side wiper blade and it hasnt moved since (definitly smelt like electrical)
installed water pump/timing belt kit, its leaking from the back-up plate.broke 2out of the 6 bolts, used a gasket sealant for water pump to back-up plate. how long will this hold? should i order a new back-up plate?
my 92 dodge starts but will not stay running and i just changed the fuel pump
When the headlight switch is pulled the headlights, tail lights,and side marker lights don't come on. Also the brake lights don't work. I replaced the headlight switch,and burnt out brake light, and licence plate light bulbs. Wires and grounds look good. The wireing schematic shows a lamp outage module, but can find no info on this part, except it's discontinued.
can i have step by step instructions to replace this please
I've got a 1992 dodge spirit V6 4 speed with only 56,000 miles on it. For a while I noticed it pushes the engine hard at about 55 mph. The engine light is not on. Also I had it tuned up about 1 month ago and a tranmission flush about 6 months ago.So I finally took it into a shop and they drove it and said the transmission is stuck in 2 gear. Ive got a apt with a transmission shop but I am wondering what the problem could be and how much it would cost to fix.
need to replace airconditioning hose leaking
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