1991 Dodge Ramcharger Questions

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It chugs, engine almost kills. Only while moving. If park or neutral it puts. My uncle mechanic passed away but I vaguely remember him replacing something like a sensor for granny.
has new distributer points plugs
The engine starts on first crank, runs beautiful under load, accelerates well, however, when sitting at a light or coming to a stop, the engine speed goes down and if I don't keep my foot on the pedal, it will stall and then be very difficult to restart.....please advise.
Okay so I do have bad oil pressure when idling but not when driving, it over heats, which my guess leads to the bad oil pressure probably a bad oil pump, but i parked it last year because it was dying on me and when i parked it, it would not start at all. Now it starts but still hard to start some times, the engine sounds good and strong while its running so my guess is it has weak fuel pressure, which i did replace the pump and fuel filter and that didnt have an impact on it. I just want more ideas about what could be up with it.
Turn the key and nothing. Lights come on, radio comes on, interior and hood lights work. Put in brand new battery. Took starter to be tested, it's fine too. I just can't figure it out.
flooding out,fills oil pan with gas..runs for 5 min and then floods out gas comes out exhaust......
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