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Hello I got a friend who's got a 1994 Dodge ram 250 van. Checked the starter. It's okay. The motor cranks over when the ignition is off. Hooked up a test light to battery. So it's saying something is on when we don't know where the short or whatever is located. I'm thinking it's the relay or the ignition. Thanks!
airflow turns from cold to hot to cold
It turns on good, sounds good, put it in drive, it won't go.-- But put it in reverse And it go's, how do I fix what is wrong, or broke??
I've got a '94 Dodge Ram B250 that will drive forwards, in reverse, and will idle, but will not accelerate. I'm far from a mechanic, and am living out of/traveling in this vehicle, so I could REALLY use some help!
***This is everything I've had checked out and replaced***

New battery, spark plug wires, fuel pump, air filter, neutral safety switch, distributer cap, rotor, camshaft position sensor, ignition coil, and PCV valve.
All wiring has been checked and is connected, spark plugs are good, starter is good, tranny is good, engine is good, fuel injector is good, fuel pump relay is good, timing is good, computer is good, fuses are good, alternator was recently replaced. No check engine light, and no codes. All fluids are new and at their correct levels.
This vehicle does not have a catalytic converter. No codes, no check engine light.
The van will rev when I'm in idle and push on the gas pedal, but won't if I'm in drive, but will move forwards and in reverse, if that makes sense. There's no other way I can explain it.

There is also a loud blowing/slight whispering noise that sounds like it's coming from the intake manifold.
i replaced the windshield wiper motor but the wipers are still not working . all the fuses are good . the windshield washer will work but not the wipers
Adding. Starter fluid
Bought this 94 ram van 250 with only 61,000 miles. It started, ran and drove fine for a few days then wouldnt crank. Mechanic is puzzled because hes replaced fuel pump, fuel relay, start relay (now has universal start relay). Got it home and it ran and drove fine for a few days and its repeating the same problems. I heard that these vans are bad about computer problems. Mechanic says to rewire the whole van. I just dont know and need answers. I heard i can replace those parts a hundred times but will never fix the issue sooo whats my issue?
When you turn the key on and off three times check engine code 1255
What does the crankcase sensor look like
When the check engine light comes on it will start but the light doesn't always come on. The engine will also sometimes die while driving or idling for no apparent reason. The van may start again in 10 minutes or it may take ten days. Not a fuel or battery issue. Have replaced distributor cap, plug wires & crank sensor but having the same problem. Coil is good also, but it only has spark when the check engine light is on. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when the light comes on and when it doesn't. Have checked all fuses and cleaned the control module connections and the battery ground wire connections.
Checked the codes but not sure I got them all correct. Possible codes are Solenoid Coil Circuit, Throttle Position Sensor, ASD relay circuit, Fuel Pump Relay control circuit. Does this model have a Z1 voltage I can check?
Any way to pin-point what the issue is? Thanks in advance for your help!
When the Check engine light comes on it will start but it doesn't always come on. Battery's good, replaced distributer cap, plug wires & crank sensor but having the same problem. Coil is good also.
Checked the engine light codes but they were just a series of the light flashing different amounts. How do I find out what they translate to?
I have a 1994 Dodge Ram B250 Van 5.2L MFI 8cyl. 144K miles on odometer and for the most part, in decent shape.
I've been having intermittent problems with the fuel pump not kicking on for a years now. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. I only drive it maybe once a month and I disconnect the battery when not in use. The fuel pump was replaced in 2011 and it's been pretty dependable since then until just recently. If I put a jumper wire in the fuel relay connector, I can start the engine. The relay itself looks good, I took it out of the housing and watched it when someone turned the key. It does a couple really quick clicks and disengages. If I manually push the contact together, the fuel pump runs. My multi-meter says I have 12 volts on both of the wires that would actuate the relay, which explains why it's not engaging. I'm guessing the ECC is disabling the fuel pump but I don't know why. Is the ECC going bad? is there a sensor that is causing the ECC to disable the fuel pump? do I have a short? or a bad connection? Ever since I got the van it's had some performance issues and some electrical issues. The fuel mixture is too rich I think. If I push the accelerator to hard it will stall and sometimes backfire. There are some holes rusted in the exhaust system, maybe the oxygen sensor was causing this? But that's a whole other issue to be addressed after I get it to run. There's always been something drawing power when its off, that's why I simply disconnect the battery when I'm done driving it. I guess my biggest question would be: does anyone know if a wire connector or faulty sensor could cause this? I want to be able to eliminate the cheap possibilities before I try to replace the computer.
My van was working fine i let my brother use my battery when he put it back it wouldnt start everything was dead. No lights no dash panel no crank. I took to autozone they said it was low and charged and i put it back. Still the same thing. I have no headlight, dash is dead and wont turn over or jump.
Please help
What is keeping it from starting?
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