1991 Dodge Ram Van B250 Questions

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why don't I have any spark
Looking for a AC lower pressure hose for a dodge b250 5.2 1991. Cant seem to find one matching the 1991. Wondering if 1990 part may fit. Would appreciate a part number or ebay link. Thanks
I used KNW block seal that is why i dont think it is the head gasgets it was pumping out blue and whith smoke now it is just white
When I press down on the gas pedal it makes a pop sound & tries to cut off, but when I let the pedal up it stays running
When it is cold outside, my van does not want to start.
Xsimply needs fuel pump, won't crank :(
replaced comp. for no charge problem charges fine until ac on, turn on lights and charging drops to 12.37 volts and gauge drops down. turn everything off and the van charges properly,14.2 volts. i just got van and found it has junk yard alt on it is it possible the wrong alt was put on? it is a conversion van.
Being the problem?it starts fine.but just wont xharge.and if i turn anything on .it chsrges it self to dead!
Charge I'm trying to bybass pcm to ? That's my problem
Have replaced everything and it still won't start. There is no spark in start
The problem started after a tune up. The local mechanic replaced the distributor pickup plate and hall effect sensor but this did not cure the problem. Thought it might be oil pressure problem but that tested OK. Any suggestions welcome as the van runs very well otherwise but stalling is a major safety issue when steering and brakes go manual.
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