1990 Dodge Ram Van B250 Questions

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Voltage reg
Rusty water drips out front just happened now along with steam and hissing
head lights turn signals dome lights brights. work but no dash lights what could be the problem? 1988 dodge b 250 cargo van
1988 b 250 cargo van no dash lights
My headlights and taillights don't work and my dash panel lights do not light up.
all lights dim up and down at any rpm new alt and volt regular checked ac current at battery and it shows .07 to .45 randley
nd the dealer do not sell the computer any more

I have an issue with my van B250 1987.
I need to know what are the adjustments needed for the carb.
I know that they are in the shop manual...but don't have it!

Thanks for anyone who can help me out!
i was gifted an 1987 dodge ram van b250 5.9l 360 v8 in northern saskatchewan. i had it running replaced the starter amd battery then after moving it a few feet it wont crank over and just makes a pinging noise as soon as you crank the key on. perhaps the ignition coil or solenoid was fried from the new battery and now the line of electricity is interupted ? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. also new plugs and wires were put in and put in a used icm
Tried to disconnect the vacuum harness from the three solenoids mounted on top of the passenger side valve cover and the plastic vacuum lines were so dry they snapped like twigs. I am having a hard time finding a replacement harness. Do you know where I can buy a replacement or if I can simply try to build a harness from standard vacuum parts found in any parts store? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
all other lights work
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