1994 Dodge Ram Van B150 Questions

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kind of mechanicaly knowledable but never pulled 1
even at level ground when I try to start ahead it seems to choke. What gives?
How do I keep it from backing out. Im losing fluid. Radiator was just changed out and lines screwed in properly.
gasket too much or not enough for it is now leaking at the gasket?
out the old gasket part of the gasket came with it. so I replaced it with new. I was too quick with that question sorry.
Old gasket seem to be OK still in tack. Can I reuse it and can I place new gasket on top of old?
With switch in the on position head lights von't go on if it is cold, when we run it for a while or park it in the sun for a while head lights will go on.
To NV and want to repair it before I do. The NV repair shops are very expensive as to AZ. I'm told its not that difficult of a fix that is under or around the distributor. The report said: "High Speed CO 3.03% Greater than 1.20% and High Speed HG 227 Greater than 220 parts per million." Can anyone give me advice on this and how to fix it. At that same time of the test I had a few small holes in the muffler. I replaced it. Do you think that had anything to do with my van flunking?
Most of the lights in the instrument cluster are dead.
a tranny shop thinks its the planet plates gears inside, but it only happens in drive and starts about 3/4 miles down the road. If I drive in 2nd or 1st it does not sound. Another tranny shop says the planet gears only operate in 2nd and 3rd. I have an automatic. To replace the planet gears we are looking at a whole new tranny job costing $1500. What if that's not it? Any suggestions?
It starts at about 30 mph. Sometime it doesn't sound at all. If I drop down rpm's it will quite out. I was told it was my wheel bearings. I replaced those and the rotors and it still is their. I was told it was my drive train and when they lifted it up they found nothing wrong. I changed an idler pulley and the serpinteen belt and it still is their. A transmission shop says its sound like a bearing inside. They want $1400 to change it out. It runs good and doesn't sound all the time. About 6 months ago I changed out a water pump and used the old clutch could It be that? I am having a small problem with a leak in my power sterring holder. Coould it be that or in the sterring housing. Im dazed and confused. Hope its nothte tranny.
and as many fuse links as I could find. Checked blower by running a test direct from batt. and its OK. negative wire from blower is intact. Tested the good fuse 30amp,location and got a positive light. But when I test the green wire going to the blower from that fuse I get nothing. any ideas will help.
switch/control lever and cant remember what goes where? I have a thick beige wire, a medium blue and green wire and a thin dark brown. On the lever switch behind their is an H and M and a B. nothing on the 4th connection. Can you tell me about it? and the same wires leed into the glove compartment and go into a small cardboard like flat unit on the back wall of the glove compartment. what is that?
today I was #19, How can I go directly to my problem question and answer? though I like helping where I can it is cumbersome to go one after the other searching?
I also tried tester on 3 connections to blower lever control behind main unit on dash and found nothing. Should their be a live wire there? Fuse is OK what to do next?
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