1990 Dodge Ram Van B150 Questions

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Cannot get the old oil filter out. Made 3 trips to auto store for tools. Nothing has worked. Wits end. Please help.
the hvac vacuum harness that connects to the ac/heater switch module became brittle and all the vacuum hoses fell apart. now I do not know to which slot the 6 wires of vacuum hoses will go to. Anyone who owns a 1986 dodge ram van wagon could help check under the dash on how the hoses are connected. Benjie
Had the starter replaced in my 1990 Dodge RAM Van B150 3.9L and noticed on my way home that the Voltmeter & Temperature gauges were not working. The other gauges are working fine.

Question: when removing the starter could the mechanic have unplugged some wires connected to these gauges and forgot to plug them back in?

Or could it be a fuse?

Thanks, your help is appreciated.
On the bottom of the radiator are two nipples to which hose connects to keep transmission cool. purchased used radiator but it did not have the nipples to whic I would need to connect the lines. Can I get these nopples to replace what I need?
when driving down the road i get a bad vibration especially at 45mph when i let off gas it quits ujoints seem to be good just did a tune up can u email me a wiring diagram for the van plz
when driving down the road van vibrates more so at 40mph stops when i let off the gas did a tune up might have put wires in wrong order ujoints seem to be good can u send a wiring diagram on plug wires plz howie is my email address ty
location of voltage regulator
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