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engine cranks no start. gauges no work, I followed instruction from a previos posts answers. I have 5v to tps, but only 2.38 to MAP. I disonect the crank,ps, turn key off 10 sec, no change,, same with cam position sensor.. I changed cam and crank position sensors, coil, cap rotor and wires. is it possible the ecm is bad? I don't wanna drop 400$ if I don't have to..please help also I am getting 5v to each of the cam and crank sensor conectors
fuse block clicks . first it saidf nobus so I changed the pcm that fixed it for awhile then it died while driving mech said ignition then o its a bad pcm no its ignition after that it ran for a week or so then wouldn't start mech said he couldn't figure it out what do ya think and where should I start also and get this when key is off completely I get out and shut the door the asd relay starts cklicking but only after I shut the door idk it did give a code once 920,999 sounds like it wants to start but wont when the circle around the p on the shifter pos is lit it would start but dies and that rlay in the dash starts clicking not the asd relay though not till its off and the door is shut any help or advise would be most apreciateded thank you
I only have two speeds off and high when I turn on the heat or A/C
i have a 2003 dodge 3500 van 5.9 won't start. codes po 340, po 645 and po 523 come up. I just gave it a mini tune up plugs and it ran for a day. now i changed cam postioning sensor still no avail. I just prayed starter fluid to see if it was fuel pump still not even close to starting. I'm lost please help.

2003 dodge w/ 5.9 cummins. oil leaks from crankcase breather where it goes into valve cover. It has new breather and o ring. Has 385000 miles very well maintained. No problems with performance runs good no lack of power.No pressure when oil filler cap taken off to indicate broken ring etc.Any info would be helpful..Thanks
I hear a hi pitched whine when I accelerate WITH THE AIR CONDITIONING ON, then rises in pitch and fades in volume.
It stops when I turn AC off. What are the most likely culprits?

Thanks a million
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