2001 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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gas gage about emty at half , can i just replace the gage itself,or do i have to replace something in tank?
Ok my starter went out I changed it van ran fine for a few days then stop turning over battery power is good starter is brand new what could this be
2001 dodge Ram 3500 van runs but cuts out or dead when i give it gas. after i cut it off it will start then shut right off
have replaced fuel pump,fuses-ok, crank sensor,cam sensor,relay.ran for half hour,then died.cranks good cant hear pump ,wont start. what else could be wrong?
My dodge Van 3500-2001's shifter does not move, Is transmission going bad?
took fuel pump out wired it up it runs new crack sensor in new fuel relay no spark on plugs check coil at auto parts its good it had check engine light on had it check the dealer said it was something to do with air flow thou air filter not to worry about it could you think the eum or pum not let start
the spot looks like when you start to defrost the windshield in the is only on the passenger side and it does not go away. But it smells like antifreeze. when i tried cleaning the spot, it was alittle greasy. It has started no more than one week ago. it happens only when I use the van, not when it is not moved.
radio and power door locks quit working at the same time, fuses seem to be ok
I replaced the alternator last August, then in October the computer went out. That was replaced and then this cutting out problem started. Seems to run fine in the morning, and even traveling inbetween jobs, but whenever I leave it idling for more than a few minutes, the problem with the cutting out begins. It cuts out every 100 feet or so. It starts up again OK, but then cuts out again, and again, and again!
I have had a complete tune-up, replaced the coil, and it still happens. Please help?!?!?
Im trying to make sure that the pcm in the van is infact broken or shorted. Ive checked all the fuses and ive checked power and ground going into the pcm and that was ok but when i checked power at the connector going to the crank sensor i only had 2.7v DC when im suppose to have 5v. Do i need to go any further or is the pcm junk
I can turn the fan back to low or the first setting and wait about 10 seconds then turn it back on high and the A/C starts working again?
Mostly under load. Dist. cap and spark wires changed, throttle sensor changed,idle air control changed,coil changed No codes. Mechanic says bad lobe on he put stet scope and heard noise which gets worse after warm up.

mechanic claims cam has a bad lobe-
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