1999 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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Have Codes P1765 and P0753 set on this vehicle, backs up fine, runs fine but shifts from low only once then will never down shift automatically or manually, just runs in 2nd and 3rd dont beleive Overdrive works light will come on but never feel overdrive engage, Only one relay in load center ! rest are fuses !
Windows fog as if recycle is on. Does not have recycle switch. Does this vehicle have a cabin air filter? Where is it located? Could the cabin air intake be plugged? Where is that located?
Shaking goes away when i take foot off of accelerator.
and it wont start back up but you let it set a while then it will start back up and i change the fuel pump
when you first crank it up and put it in drive, it chokes the engine down. once you start it back up, its fine. will not do that anymore. what can I do to fix this problem?
Is there any hope? I have put on new shocks, ball joints, steering gear, rear wheel spacers, numerous lineups and it is still hard to manage--down right dangerous at times. Is tjis solveable or am I just screwed?
How do you flush the heater core in this Dodge 3500 Pass. Van
the coil was replaced about a month ago ran for two weeks and wont run now. the coil is giving no spark, is there a way i can test the coil or is it another problem?
how do you know when you need a ignition switch, or a crankshaft sensor or a ecm?
on my Dodge Ram 3500 Van 1999, after determining that I was getting no spark to the distributor I dirconected the connector from the coil and checked with a test light while my son cranked the engine at first I got nothing then after trying it again my test light lit up and I recnnected the connector to the van and it started. I let it run for a while about 5 minutes then cut it off when I went to crank it again it wouldn't start so I diconnected it from the coil had my son crank it and now I'm getting no power at all to the connector that goes to the coil. This happened about a month ago I tried to crank it and it would turn over so I left it and came back and it crank but now it dead.
cuando prendo el aire acondicionado en vez de sacar aire frio saca aire caliente que es lo que nesecita para que lance aire frio?
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