1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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tech says problem with heads.runs fine and smooth at startup
Driver side, towards rear is an onboard generator. Underneath the generator, under the vehicle is what looks like a compressor tank. I want to remove this, but there is black hose that run from the tank that goes up and over the gas tank. I can't see where it terminates. Is this connected to the gas tank in any way? I don't want a vacuum leak if I acidently cut it off. Please advise. It doesn't seem as if the tank is connected to the generator. The tank looks like a scuba tank.
is it possible to rebuild a rearend on the above vechile.if rear

end bad.
My wipers do not work and I want to find out if my relay is bad but I don't know where it is.
what can we do to this problem like this..Fuel level sensor A circuit high Input,Manufacturer control Ignition system misfire and output speed sensor circuit malfuction
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