1997 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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MP. All parts that will cause spark. Don't know what to do next
what are tune-up intervals ?
i start the engine and it stalls, idle is bad and the fuel and black smoke is the greatest of the signs. The van is just a little across 50,000miles. Thanks
New computer, month in shop, relays replaced, ignition coil fuel pump checked, if asd relay is not by-passed van will run fine for apx 10 miles, then shuts down , will not start, gets towed home, sits for days then will start and problem repeats. Van runs fine when really is by passed..any ideas?
The rod goes from the power door lock motor to the latch / Part# & Stock Thanks Larry
I replaced the stereo and now when I turn the key to acc the parking lights come. Why would replacing the stereo affect the parking lights.
Have new blower motor, resistor, vac check valve, et al. But, even on high, the air flow is being blocked to low air flow to all areas,, AC, heat, vent and defrost. HVAC blower runs on high but little airflow to dash, windshield and floor.
I replaced the rotary cap, button. But still have the same problem.
cruise started to speed up, unable to disengage, had to put vehicle in neutral and turn key off. Was able reset cruise by pulling back on gas pedal.
while driving with cruise on, van began speeding up and I was unable to disengage by hitting brake or by using the switch. I had to put trans in neutral and turn off key. What could be the problem.
It is a 2 wheel drive with a 360 engine.
i am not getting any spark.i canged the coil, shaft senser and resister.what els can i do
I am wondering if 1500, 2500 and 3500 transmissions are interchangeable with my 1997 Dodge Ram Van 3500, and please include all years compatible.
where is fuel pump relay switch 97 dodge ram van 3500
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