1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500 Questions

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My van is a B 3500 Class B RV with 300,000 miles. I always pull a 5 x 10 utility trailer with about 2500 lbs.
problem is intermittent for unlock
Van will start for a moment if you pour gas in motor.
vehicle acted as if out of fuel. added fuel no help as battery died attempting restart. engine will crank a couple times them battery dies flat again, feared fuel pump, or alternator. Starter function. thought a relay might be the source? if battery is discharging like this would that also explain why it acted like it was out of fuel? Battery inspect after second discharge I found one very dry cell, filled it and recharging. If this fails I wanted to check these relays and there sockets as next diagnostic.
I can start the car and push the on/off switch and the light will come on. It will not set when you push the set button and after a few minutes the cruise control light goes off without me touching anything and will not come back on until I turn the car off and back on. Then i can turn it on and the light will come back on but still same thing occurs.
The cruise control will not set or resume. While driving at any speed, i can push the cruise on/off switch and see the light come on indicating it is active, however, when i push the set button it will not engage. Need to know where to start looking to fix it and if possible, a schematic would be great!
brakes are sticking
i tested the connecter for power and only got it at the top left terminal which seems to be working the fuel gauge . what do i do now?
its was start about two weeks ago their was no code
On 1996 15 passenger Ran van 3500 with 3600 lb front axle, I bought new front rotors (the one piece hub/rotor combo), and all parts catalogs agree that I have the right one, but while the studs and size of the rotor match the original, the outer bearing hole on the new one is smaller and I can't find anyone anywhere who carries one that looks exactly like the old one. Part dept at dealer didn't have specific knowledge but said sometimes they go with redesigned ones to replace the originals. The outer hole on the old rotor is about 2.5 inches and the new one more like 1.5 inches. Can I go with the new rotor with new bearings in the same spindle or is a new version of my original rotor out there somewhere?
I just replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor can and rotor in my 1996 Dodge Ram Van B3500. It starts but there is a vibration and an occasional clank with loss of power. I assume I mixed up the wire locations, but can't find a diagram to determine the problem.
Just took my newly purchased 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Leisure Travel Van with 104,000 miles in for a check up and servicing - among the many operations was a needed coolant flush. When I went to pick up the vehicle it was discovered that the water pump was leaking. It was suggested to me by a friend that this may have been caused by the gasket behind the water pump giving way due to the high pressure flush. Could this be the case? And if so should the water pump and thermostat sill be replaced?

A related issue: would this be an opportune time to replace the timing chain as preventative or would this be needless expense (to an already large bill) at this time.
Is there a fuse for the cruise control in the steering column? I just bought a conversion van and the cruise does not work, the guy that sold it to me said his mechanic told him it was a fuse in the steering column, however I would like to confirm before attempting to take that part apart. Thanks to anyone that helps.
Have replaced Pump,CHECKED RELAYS ETC.I jiggled wires to CKP sensor,they seemed rather noodly at the top,turned key and vehicle started,but wouldnt stay nothing. I took out sensor,wiped it of(had oil on it) ,..put it back and my TAILLIGHTS stay on.Anyone know does this indicate a BAD sensor??And why would my taillights stay on??Disconnected battery to not run down battery??
PUMP REPLACED,TROUBLE SHOT FUEL PUMP RELAY AND AUTO SHUT OFF,PICK UP COIL,COIL ETC.A bad thunderstorm the night before thishappend.Van ran fine prior to that,JUST NOT getting power to the pump.ould the PCM be bad...the van will start and run by pouring a smidge of gas into carb.Someone said CRANK sensor may ba ebad,but would it even run if that was bad? Anyone know what to check now????Before a garge rapes me!!!!
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