2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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I think the thermostat is stuck in closed position.

Or the heater core is clogged.
Hi...I have a P0500 code on my ram van.It means 'vehicle speed-sensor malfunction'. Am I confusing this speed-sensor with the transmission output shaft speed-sensor or is the v.s.s.related to the A.B.S system? I am thinking maybe I have a transmission problem..but maybe not..........Thanks for any response.
replaced resistor cause only had high setting now it wont work again on other settings bought new resistor again but didnt solve problem what should i do and what is wrong
I have a dodge min van. It starts but no power to move.I was told it was a vacuum
The light is turning on but the cruise control is not working, is there a solution for this?
just got new upper and lower ball joints tires alighnment the clunk comes and goes seems more noticeable driving slow on bumpy street
all been replaced what else could cause it not to get fire?
Can I repair it or better left to mechanic?
You only have one time to get it correct when insatlling a new brake switch under the dash if not it will damage the part and cruise will not work correctly. Does anyone know how to correctly install the switch? Please advise;
getting a no bus code on the odometer.....need help determining if this is the problem or something else. Thanks
When the van was running, every time I pushed the gas pedle down quickly the engine almost stauled! When I used the gas peddle gently the van drove good! I seems that the engine wasn't getting gas when I wanted to go fast!
where the hell is the air filter located on the van and how do I get at it?
i have oil coming into the airfilter, no noise. pinging or smoke. Power seems good too. why is this
the airbag light stays on even when key is horizontal. Stuck on or off. How to repair
heater fan does not work. I replaced the fan relay and checked the fuse.
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