2000 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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Code idle air control cyl try's 2 clr code start 1 second light back on same code what to do?
I wiggle-remove and reinstall the wiring harness plugs [3 each] 2000 2500 van 5.9 and I'll hear the fuel pump engage ,fuel gage responds and start up. drive 15-30 minutes without warn stops. try to start and the gages[fuel,etc.] respond very,very slow a creep without start up. I'll go out and wiggle wiring harness and process repeats. I notice the control modular metal very hot
The car will die after short drives, long drives, whether Im going 60mph, 10mph, or at idle. And when car dies and I try to start the car again it doesnt turn on sometimes I have to wait a minute sometimes 30. Any ideas what the problem might be?

2000 Dodge Ram 2500 B Series
I have put in a new light switch in my dash panel.I have put in a new brake pedal switch.All fuses are good.Head lights work,tail lights work,but brake lights don't come on when I use my brake pedal.
I cannot get the fan off the water pump.
I've been looking around for a fuel tank for 2000 Dodge, and no one seems to carry them. Any ideas?
my dodge 2500 van does not start sometimes and sometimes it will especially during damp or rainy conditions. i replaced the cap,rotor and plug wires (no change). when it does start it is running rough and not for long.a code comes up on the odometer NO bu5.what does this mean and suggestions as to what is wrong?
Van sputters and slows down when fuel tank gets below 1/2 tank, The lower the fuel level, the slower it gets, especially pulling up-hill. I am replacing fuel pump and was told that fuel pump is in top of fuel tank. How do I remove fuel tank?
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