1999 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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The van acts like its out of gas some times while its running , runs great other times its never the same , this has been happening for 5,000 miles , it now has 87.000 on it now !
I hear fuel pump sounds ok. Pulled off line connection,stuck in gas can,turn on key gas came out for a few seconds.
Sometimes starts and runs right for few minutes.
Then dies.
Soumds to me like a sensor
Once a year my break lights stop working. My mechanic has changed the brake light switch every time. My mechanic also repaired a short in the wiring saying I will not have this problem again. I currently do not have any brake lights. What is the problem and why does it keep happening?
there is a noise that seems to be coming from the right rear wheel. i removed the drum and the noise continued. i removed the drive shaft and there is no noise. cups are all greased and not dry. turning the axle by hand i can feel roughness as the axle turns.
Just purchased a 1999 Dodge B250 van with 75,000 miles on odometer and have driven it approx 900 miles using two quarts of oil, have not found any visiable leaks nor does it smoke, engine runs smooth with no knocks. Suggestions appreciated
whats wrong when ac blower doesn't through front vents?
during start attempt, just clicks, bench tests fine at autozone.
engine cuts out,replaced crank senser-fuel pump-coil-auto shut off relay-fuel pump relay
it seems everything computer controlled cuts out,cuts out when ever,before it will restart you can hear a relay click. dealer recommended ECM then thrust codes are stored-the dealer has gone out of bussiness since.
I have a V10 engine and no oil pressure and when I take off the oil filter off to see if there is oil coming out when I start it, there is none. The oil pump must have gone out. But the dealer parts says it is a oil pump rotor pkg. Where do I start and how do I do it.
Is there and where is the fluid check point for the overdrive and how do I check it. I bought this used with no manual and the overdrive seems to slip in and out occasionally. I don't want to do anymore damage if there is a problem that needs to be fixed.
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