1998 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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Can't locate where to add more mother oil.
when i went to turn the temp control to hot, there was a click and the nob turned real free. even after the engine got warm all i had was cold air, i believe the problem is the temp control nob, it had been sticking
need the location of the fuel filter
spark at dist cap none at plugs changed pickup in dist same problem
Power lock won't unlock door.I can't remove interior panel to get to lock motor because I can,t open door.I am able to reach behind panel and access rods but,haven't been able to unlock latch.Suggestions? Thanks.
i have not power before a coil . i change the computer and put new distribuitor ,new crank shaft sensor an still not start . somebody can helpme ??? please im getin crazy !!! thanks!!!
How do you get the old one off and new one on?
Im currently working on this van-it can be driven as less as two miles are as much as 40. All engine ignition parts have been replace but the problem persists. Also I can let the hood drop and the engine revs then sometimes dies.There are no codes, could it be possible pcm failure? It continues to lose ignition.I can un plyg the cam sensor and the engine continues to run...any advice thoughts ideas and opinions will be greatly appreciated.
the van has no codes. If I drop the hood the ehgine revs up the dies-new ignition components have been added but the shut down persists.Can be driven as mucxh as40 miles or as less as 2 then the ignition fails and after 10 to 30 minutes will restart. Ive did numerous tests and have cleaned ground straps cables and electrical terminals to no avail-is it possible that the pcm is failing? please any info will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
dodge ram van 2500, 110,000 mi. 5.2 l engine. At idle and after warm up, Check Gauges light comes on and and oil gauge needle falls to zero. Replaced sensor and tested pressure with manual gauge confirming 12psi. Multiple techs/garages are stumped...
Why is my transmission not shifting into 3rd gear?
Where is the PCM located and how hard is it to change
out for a fairly knowledgable home mechanic?

My vehicle is registering no voltage
on the dashboard. When I had the alternator checked out, it registered ok. I've been told 2 things, go ahead and change out the alternator and that should take care of the problem or have the voltage regulator changed out. We don't know where the voltage regulator is located.
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