1996 Dodge Ram Van 2500 Questions

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when in Drive, van can't hardly move. possible tranny slipping?
Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving.
I have turned and bumped headlight switch to make sure it wasn't engaging.
I've disconnect door switches independently one at a time Left/right/side/rear. all door switches pass ohms/continuity test to. how can i fix this : Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving. Thanks you for your insight.
Need to see where the oil dip stick is located
I don't see where the dip stick I'd inserted to do maintenance.
Where the shackle would mount is rusted so I figured on welding plate steel to the area (after cleaning it good) and then welding spring to the new steel spring is currently thru floor board
The cruise control will not engage. Power indicator does come on.
Chirping sound while acceleration. Sounds like near belts or pulleys. Or maybe valve cover area. Acceleration only and the more I accelerate the louder it becomes.
The van would have load sceetch noises on and off and sometimes the sound would be like metal on metal I thought it would be the tension pulley. I have the belt off and the fan pulley and shaft can be moved up/down and i can't figure out how to remove the clutch part from the shaft. I think its this fan shaft that was causing the noise ? can I fix this or ? or am i in the crapper.
the van still won:t turn over
Why cant i change my own timing chain?
Mostly wet in the floorboard near the passenger seat, and near the passenger side of the center console after rains. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
Drove it to Fl. and back in Oct.w?no problems,and it ran fine till Dec.4th. Went to start it the following day and it did was crank,no indication of a spit,pop,nothing.Today I waet to give it another shot-same thing.When I turn the key to on position I can hear fuel pump run for afew seconds and there is a lot of pressure at test port on fuel rail.I removed the coil and the magnet stack looked pregnant so I replaced it and still no-spark.Not to sure what I should check next,is there a culprit like crankshaft positioning sensor or the camshaft positioning sensor inside of the distributor? HeLp plz.Thanks.
I am hearing a sound when I turn the wheel. I also went to pepboys and I overheard that it needs replaced. but they never told me that. am I in trouble?
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