2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Questions

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Blower only runs on "high".
I checked plenum box through the throtle cylinder and it looks like there's a thin layer of oil inside and black marks around the inside rim of the throtle cylinder.
My AC quit working, then I found out that if I tilted the steering wheel, it would work perfectly! Now, after about a month of doing that, tilting the steering wheel no longer makes the connection.
I need to access the hot wire on the steering column...WHERE is it???
I need to access the hot wire on the ignition switch for the AC blower motor...
We changed ignition switch that fixd blowe and radio. truck would start n run then just shut off randomly or not start back after shutting off. we changed asd arelay but can't locate fuel pump relay. almost acts like relay or something gets hot n shuts down or a short. i also went thru unplugging cam n crankshaft and other sensors to narrow down what is causing bus code. thanks for any help
Went to service to replace alternator and after that hear engine so loud inside my van that I never noticed before. Sound Coming from or through the dashboard. please any advice/ideas??? Thanks.
when you engage the passing gear it bucks and surges like it has a govener on it but when you unhook passing gear cable and put it in to passing gear manually it don't surge
I took my van in for oil change and tune up. 300 miles later engine light comes on. computer says it is misfire on cylinder 5. take it back to place, they say there is a vacuum leak and i need a fuel cleaning. So a $1000,00 plus dollars later, 23 miles from home engine light comes on and I take it back. On way to shop, noise starts, pop sound happens and then smoke comes up through the console. I never had an issue with this van. Nothing. Now I have to have a new engine!!!
Only blows out floor no matter what is selected
Cranks but won't catch. Tried ether, didnt work. Need ideas. Please help.
pump is for fuel emissions.
Afyter replacing the water pump I checked the dip stick and found oil and coolant mixed, what could be the problem.
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