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Replaced the fuel pump and then the crankshaft position sensor. Still having problems
Van is slow loses power jot electrcity
Checked grounds. New crank pos sensor, truck cut off one day. Started back two more same day. Haven't been able to start since then. OBD 2 no communicating with PCM. NEED TO FIND SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL MALFUNCTION.
Have replaced plugs wires cap rotar
Dies going 60, 30, or at a stop sign with no indications like stumbling or running out of gas. Radio and power remain on, just the engine dies. What I have done: Changed distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires. Tried 2 different pcm's, changed sensors: tps, iac, map, crank, cam. Has a new battery, alternator, fuel pump, coil. Checked engine grounds, shot wires to all sensors - continuity and to ground. Verified all relays and have swapped them out. At my wits end. Dodge dealer and another mechanic could not find anything and didn't even have a suggestion. I have basically changed everything every forum suggests, this problem is very common if you go through all the forums and they suggest many fixes, none of which has worked. Thought I had it fixed, but it died again on the highway, help! No codes ever show up on this, dealer verifed no codes also.
I recently purchased it put a rebuilt computer in it to get it running the van sit for about a year before i purchased it. Ive been told that the pcm could have something to do with the problem. Ive put some marvels mystry oil in it thinking it might have some sludge build up in the screen. I took thevalve covers off only to find motor fairly clean for 85000 miles can u give me some ideas with this problem
my van coolant themsant sticks an the its a conversation van 1500 so you know what kind my vechile is im talking about ineed so advice to what to do I put coolant it already an need to know cn still drive after it running out short drives an drive long drives to or not
when my drive it short drive so long drives it running out one me when drive it I already but coolant in it now so I need know what could it be so I know I can I drive it long drive with it or not I need to know I can drive for long drive like twenty mins or not or not drive to far with it I know it coolant temputer stick on my conversation van its 1500 an the this sticks an dnt move since I put the fill in it so what can I do now so can drive it or get it fix soon
what i did so far,changed cap,roter,plggs,wires,iac,cts,pikup coil,muffeler,air fltr,serp blt,feulpump,cleand o2 with carb cleaner,took off feul rail cleaned,feul injecters,after all that the fukin lite still on,can some smarter feller tell this poorvet wat he missed,please and thankyou.
new o2 sensor. the computor my mechanic and auto zone put on the van said it was my o2 sensor other back yard mechanics are saying its my excust or manifold and if i put the 02 senor on before i fix the manifold ill ruin my new 02 sensor. i dnt have the money for that 2 happen but i need to fix this problem today before i go to work. basiclly when i start my van and pess the gas it bucks and makes noises for about 10 min of driving then it stops but i noticed im useing a lot of gas. and if i shut the van off for 20min i start it back up same problem please help i just got back on my feet as a subcontrctor and if the dies we dont eat thank u god bless
As I have some mechanical experience, I am a driveway repairman. I need some reasonably detailed advice, as the Hanes Dodge repair manual does not address this subject.
Thank you.
Changed Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.
Changed Air Intake volve Sensor
a ballpark price on how much it will cost me.
turn the key and all the lights come on but starter does not engage. is it the ignition switch?? it works sometimes but less and less often.
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