1999 Dodge Ram Van 1500 Questions

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Won't start back up after warming up. Replaced fuel pump and coil. No help.
Idle lope cold ,warm aswell.Goes up to2200rpm
Hi my check engine light goes on out of the blue. I have had my mechanic do a tune up, change the spark plugs. It goes off for a few days and then back on. My oil pressure stays the same.,no knocking noise . Is it ok to drive
So were do I start the hunt for the problem
Radiator Coolant and Oil levels are good. Dash Panel switches seem to be working (can hear the main on/off switch working). Fuses and Relays have been checked. Could it be that the Blower Motor Resistor is going bad? Shouldn't the Blower motor come on simply by turning the key to the ON (not starting or running) position? When the Blower Motor does work, it works great. Can't seem to put a finger on this problem. Hopefully someone has the answer! Patiently sweating it out while waiting..
The van starts back up after an hour or so, but only runs a few mins, then same thing again. "no bus" shows up where mileage should be as van is shutting down.
floor or the dash vents. I have checked for vacuum leaks. did not find anything
while driving at steady speed with ac on and all things working as they should. suddenly the defroster comes on still blowing cold, a couple of minutes later the floor vents open still blowing cold, a couple of minutes later the dash vents open still blowing cold. this continues as long as you drive.
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