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My van turns off randomly when I drive it. Sometimes it takes several cranks for the engine to start when cold. However, when I am driving it, the engine runs just fine with no noises or problems. Only problem is the car will just turn off randomly. I tried looking for a pattern, but there's none, it's just random! I can usually turn it back on immediately but it's frustruating to deal with this problem. Any help is welcomed!
Video if possible
Van runs great but back fires n putters at times.back fire blew the muffler open
need shoes
I see four bolts under the carpet that holddown the cover and they are very rusty, like they may never have been removed. only 59000 miles but I want to check spark plugs, air filter, etc. I know these 4 bolts need to be removed but not sure if anything else needs to come off. no owner manual.
Sometimes the Van starts - sometimes it doesn't weather it's either on its own or jumped.
It has a new alternator and new fuel pump.
took the battery into auto to have it fully charged. - have been using the internal plug to charge up phone.
It turned on two days ago. didn't turn on yesterday. turned on today.
any suggestions on what to check next?
My serpentine belt broke last week while yanking a small tree out of the ground. Replaced the belt started the truck and heard a screeching sound and noted some light smoke coming from behind the power steering pulley. Removed the belt checked the pulleys all (that could) moved freely, degreased the area around the power steering and rinsed off with water nice and clean. Reinstalled belt matched the diagram in the truck, started back up and had the same thing happen, smoke after about a minute also the belt & pulley both felt very warm (don't know how hot they get). Next day I had to move my truck about 150' and around several corners, so I removed the belt, checked that everything moved freely, and everything was clean and dry from the previous degreasing. After moving the truck that took about 2 minutes I noticed some more light smoke from around the power steering reservoir area, but there was also power steering fluid (I think) around the top of the power steering reservoir by the cap. Help!
Truck sat in my driveway for 3 weeks til weather warmed up, then I replaced battery. Now it starts fine but runs rough, hesitates when accelerating, and is very noisy like an exhaust problem. Entire exhaust system is relatively new. Any suggestions as to whether this is all related to the battery change or is this a new unrelated problem?
I have a 1998 Dodge Ram Van B1500 with 105K miles driven- great van. I am running into a problem when I am driving usually at about 40mph, but can be in the 50's and 30's, where when I start to climb a hill and so am naturally loosing speed, and before the van shifts into a lower gear to get more power, I get some hesitations where it feels like a super-brief loss of power. It most notably happens then, but can happen when I am not on a grade as well. I will feel it about 4-6 times in about 10 seconds before the shift to a lower gear takes place (if going up a grade). It doesn't happen every time either, just most times when I try to take it easy on the car when climbing a grade (vs. aggressively climbing a hill by stomping on the gas and shifting it into a lower gear where there is no power issue). It also happens when I very slowly and gently push the accelerator while the car is not under high torque and on relatively flat ground. I have also got check engine lights (non blinking) recently: P1494 - Leak Detection Pump Switch or Mechanical Fault- which may or may not be related.

As a summary, this hesitation problem is happening when I slowly push the accelerator while “undergunning” the engine/autotransmission (low RPM).

I have kept this van fully serviced and in top notch running condition. Any ideas? Huge thanks.
After engine warms, van loses power. Can push on accelerator, but car will not accelerate. Also, will stutter and die at stops and red lights. Occasionally will backfire.Diagnostic revealed above error code. Check engine light is on. When not having issue, van runs beautifully and at full power. Intermittent, but will do it every time after car driven for 15 minutes or so. What do you all think?
fuel pump wont turn on,checked all relays and fuses, no spark,it cranks but wont start

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